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"The Natural Healing Force within each of us
is the Greatest Force in Getting Well"

Balanced, Fit, and Flexible Rider Clinic

It begins with ground work for the horse and rider and then transfers into the saddle. The Balanced, Fit, and Flexible (B.F.F.) Rider Clinics are to balance, stretch, strengthen, and unite the equine and equestrian physcially and mentally. Take any part at anytime and in any order. We do recommend taking them in sequential order, but it is not required. Each course is offered throughout the year and available at your barn.

Check out our B.F.F. Rider videos on YouTube at OHSunshineTherapy. Here are a few examples

The B.F.F. Rider Program explained by Jocelyn


Riding Muscle Memory Visualization


Balance Board Workout for the Fit Rider


1/2 Day Ground Work Clinics

Part 1: Body symmetry and stress stoppers

Part 2: Yoga, nutrition, core activation, and muscle symmetry

Part 3: Equine body assessment, correction, and stretches

Full Day In Saddle Clinics

Part 1: Balance Riding Clinic

Part 2: Fitness Riding Clinic

Part 3: Flexibility Riding Clinic

1 hour Webinars to become a B.F.F. Rider from home

B.F.F. 3 week webinar series: Sunday evenings at 7:00-8:00pm starting April 21st

*Sponsor a full day or mini-clinic at your barn. Either click on Mini Clinics for more information or click on the BFF Clinic Host Contract below.

BFF Clinic Host Contract

1/2 Day Ground Work Part 1: Body symmetry and stress stoppers

Goal Setting and Stress Stoppers

  • Develop intent and direction in your riding
  • Infuse positive thinking into negative situations
  • Overcome fear, anxiety, and stress with diaphragmatic breathing, visualization, and application of stress stoppers
  • Learn steps to be proactive and reactive to challenging situations so nothing gets the best of you when you need to be at your best.

Jocelyn has her undergraduate degree in psychology and is a Daniel Stewart certified Ride Right Sport Psychology Coach. She has found in her myofascial release practice and her own equine experience that the mind is much more powerful than the body. By calming the mind, you calm the body.

Body Symmetry and Flexibility

  • Become aware of how you hold yourself and where your body is pulling you out of alignment
  • Through the use of myofascial release soften those unconscious holding patterns causing tension and pain
  • Explore the use of diaphragmatic breathing to allow your body to let go of tension
  • Naturally ride balanced without even thinking about it
  • Change muscle tissue memory
  • Gain softness in your body so you are more able to adapt to quick changes

Jocelyn is an occupational therapist and expert myofascial release therapist with over 12 years experience in neuromuscular re-education, orthopedics, and assessing and correcting body movement. In this clinic she brings her experience of addressing the body as a whole to the equestrian to gain better insight to the cause and treatment of their asymmetries.

Full Day In Saddle Clinic Part 1: Balance Riding

  • Video and still picture analysis of both horse and rider alignment
  • Simple Saddle Fit
  • Stretches for horse and rider body symmetry
  • Stress Stopper Riding Part 1
  • Setting Goals and Intent
  • Horse control through your breath
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1/2 day Ground Work Clinic Part 2: Yoga, nutrition, core activation, and muscle symmetry for the rider

Equestrian Nutrition: We perform like what we eat: So eat well and perform well.

  • Learn healthy snacks to eat while at a show or out on the trail
  • Develop a well balanced diet for your everyday routine
  • Discover what foods and vitamins help with common aliments such as a cold, injury, sadness, or hyperactivity

This section is presented by Sue Hanna a certified Holistic Health Counsellor and Yoga instructor.

Core Strengthening and Muscle Symmetry

  • Properly engage your pelvic floor muscles to support your extremities and obtain balance in the saddle
  • Assess your muscle balance between the right and left, front and back side of your body to bring awareness to areas that need to be strengthened
  • Cross train using hula hoops, jump ropes, the balance board, paper plates, skipping, galloping, therapy balls, stairs, walls, and more.
  • Develop stamina to ride. Don't ask your horse to do what you can't do.
  • Which muscles are needed most in riding? All of them! Every muscle must work evening together expanding and contracting to support or move a joint.

Jocelyn has trained directly with Daniel Stewart and is a certified Ride Right Rider Fitness Coach.

Equestrian Yoga

  • Gain Flexibility and suppleness that will transcend from you to your horse
  • Develop focus while riding
  • Create smooth transitions in your movements
  • Explore the vast impact of subtle movements on your body
  • Become aware of your breath while moving
  • Experience the benefit of stillness and calmness

This section is presented by Sue Hanna a certified Holistic Health Counsellor and Yoga instructor.

No horses are need for Part 1 and 2 of the ground work clinics. Please dress comfortably in clothing you are easily able to move around in. Gym shoes are recommended for the exercise portion, but not necessary. Please note that all above mentioned activities can be taylored to meet your abilities so no one is overwhelmed.

Full Day In Saddle Clinic Part 2: Fitness Riding

  • Horse and rider core activation
  • Horse and rider muscle symmetry challenges
  • Equine goal setting and motivating
  • Cuircut training with your horse
  • Part 2: Stress Stoppers
  • Music Motivational Riding
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1/2 Day Ground Work Clinic Part 3: Equine body assessment, correction, and stretches

  • In depth assessment and correction of asymmetries of the horse using myofascial release
  • Gentle stretches to the legs, back, and neck to release pain and tension in the horse
  • Learn proper body mechanics to use with working on your horse
  • Connect with your horse on the ground to strengthen the bond in the saddle
  • Education to alternative health care options for your horse

Full Day in Saddle Clinic Part 3: Flexibility Riding

  • Equestrian Yoga with visualization and ritual cueing
  • In saddle stretches for horse and rider
  • Implementing your stress stoppers into riding
  • Obtaining focus with hard eyes and soft eyes while riding
  • Equine massage and stretches
  • Soft Riding
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B.F.F. Webinars

This is a 3 week series on Sunday evenings from 7:00-8:00pm over the internet. You will need video assess on your computer to see me for visual demonstrations, but video assess from your computer to mine is recommended, but not necessary. Every class includes the following:

  • 3 techniques to becoming a B.F.F. Rider
  • Question and answer session
  • Bragging Rights session

The next 5 week series begins, Sunday, April 28th

Register Here and Click 5 week Webinar Series

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Become Best Friends Forever with your horse by being a Balanced, Fit and Flexible Rider

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