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"The Natural Healing Force within each of us
is the Greatest Force in Getting Well"

B.F.F. Rider Challenge Sponsors

Ride Right, Daniel Stewart

Daniel Stewart of Ride Right

Visit Stewart Clinics »

Coach Stewart has donated his Ride Right Equestrian Sport Psychology audio CD for participants who earn 2500 points.

Helge's Horse Training

Helge's Horse Training

Visit Helge's Horse Training »

Helge has donated 5 of his "Horse Talk" natural horsemanship DVDs to the first 5 participants who earn 2500 points.

Miami Valley Equine Acupressure

Miami Valley Equine Acupressure

Visit Miami Valley Equine Accupressure »

Acupressure, unlike other body work such as massage or chiropractic adjustment, involves layers of information and connection to uncover blockages or disruptions along the energetic meridians of the body. In turn, this information creates a pattern which allows us to predictably (based on Traditional Chinese Medicine) address specific acupoints to restore balance and the free flow of energy, blood, and other vital body fluids throughout the animal.

Contact Lynn Caldwell directly at 937-499-4890. MVEA is offering you a choice of either one initial session ($75 value) or 50% off the 4-session package, a $105 value! This incentive is available to participants who earn 5000 points.

Sunshine Therapeutics

Visit Sunshine Therapeutics »

We are offering 2 free wellness classes for participants who earn 1000 points and 2 weeks of free wellness classes for participants who earn 2500 points.

For participants who earn 5000 points they have their choice of the following items:

  • a 1 hour myofascial release session with Jocelyn
  • a 1 hour holistic wellness coaching session with Sue Hanna
  • a 1 hour personal training session with one of our instructors in yoga, pilates, or weight training
  • a pass to 1 month of free wellness classes
  • a copy of "The Inner Guide to Stretching: Advanced Healing Using Myofascial Release" by Jocelyn Metzger OTR/L, MOT providing you with stretches for your entire body and 2 powerful meditations to enhance your awareness of unconscious holding patterns and for use to ride balanced and centered.
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