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"The Natural Healing Force within each of us
is the Greatest Force in Getting Well"

Weekly Classes and Wellness Workshops

Our focus is on the core, form, and pain management. Anyone can exercise, but not everyone does it with proper form. You will gain body awareness, symetry, balance and strength during these classes which are specifically designed for those recovering from injury. Please register by contacting Jocelyn at 937-307-4174 or via email at or by clicking on Classes with Jocelyn at

Class Schedule

  • Monday Yoga at 6:30pm: packages for $12/class
  • Monday Yoga at 8:15pm: packages for $12/class
  • Tuesday Pilates at 12:15pm: packages for $12/class
  • Thursday Pilates at 8:15pm: packages for $12/class
  • Wednesday, January 24th-Feb 14th beginner Pilates at 12:30pm: cost $48

*You are welcome to drop in to any class for $15
*Yoga mats and accessories are provided for no additional charge if needed.
*Walk-ins welcome, reserving a place ahead of time appreciated by contacting Jocelyn at 937-307-4174 via text or voicemail. You may also contact her at
*The profit from the 8:15pm classes go to the Mary L Cook Public library.

See below for a listing of the Wellness Workshops being offered

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Wellness Workshops

Balancing the Pelvis
Tuesday, March 20th from 2-4pm

Live or On-Demand. Watch the course whenever you would like using a link sent to you after you register and the class has been held. All live or on-demand participants will receive the link.

The pelvis is our bodies base of support. If the pelvis is out of alignment, so is everything else. Knowing the stretches to balance the pelvis can relieve pain in your neck, back, hips, knees, shoulders, and everywhere else. This is one of the most important classes that I will teach. Please join me as we explore your body's alignment.

Cost: $50 per class.

A portion of the profit will go towards Help me Grow of Warren County.

Please register by contacting Jocelyn at 937-307-4174 or via email at or by clicking on Classes with Jocelyn at

This class is taught by Jocelyn Metzger, OTR/L, MOT, Expert Myofascial Release Therapist and Cert. Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist

Pelvic Floor & Core Beginner Pilates Class

4 week series starts Wednesday, January 24th at 12:30pm

Many people exercise, but few realize the importance of activating the pelvic floor muscles to prevent injury. Knowing how to use the pelvic floor muscles are as crucial to your body as food and water. Over many years Michele has taught me the benefit of engaging my deep pelvic floor muscles. After 2 babies and 2 c-sections, my core muscles were weak and my back was tired and aching a lot. I began attending her pilates class a year ago and after a couple months of 1 class a week, my back felt stronger and no more aches!

Here is what you will learn in this interactive class

  • What are the pelvic floor and core muscles
  • How and when to turn these muscles on
  • How to Breath while these muscles are working
  • How to keep the muscles on while moving
  • Core Muscle Activation is beneficial for

    • Back, hip, neck pain
    • Bladder control
    • Posture
    • Muscle balance
    • Decrease cumulative trauma effects
    • and the general flow of your body and joints

    This class is highly recommended before taking a yoga class. Getting your core on will greatly reduce the risk of injury while exercising and completing your everyday activities.

    Cost: $48.

    Please register by contacting Jocelyn at 937-307-4174 or via email at or by clicking on Classes with Jocelyn at

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