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"The Natural Healing Force within each of us
is the Greatest Force in Getting Well"

Myofascial Release for Athletes

I went to see Jocelyn at Sunshine Therapeutics because of pain in my left knee and hip. The pain was so severe that I had to stop running. The injury was due to years of long distance running and an improper and incomplete training. I was given the option of giving up running or to undergo knee surgery. Neither were acceptable options. Jocelyn's Myofascial Release Therapy provided instant relief from the pain. However, she also provided me with training on stretches to do at home. She supported the home stretching regime with monthly stretching and yoga classes at her studio. Because of the her treatment and training, my body is stronger and much more balanced. In 2011, I was able to train and complete five half marathons without any injuries. I was also able to integrate stretching, cycling, yoga and running into an exercise program that is sustainable and easier on my body. Jocelyn, Thank you for being a complete wellness coach and teacher.

~ Doug C.

Empowering you is a primary focus in your healing. A myofascial release self treatment program is always implemented. Click here for an example of a

Myofascial Release Hamstring Stretch


Fascial restrictions can drastically interfere with your athletic performance and increase your risk for injury. As the athlete prepares for an event, it is important to align the body to place the muscles at their maximum mechanical advantage. If you train and perform with continual compensation in your technique and wearing braces for support, the body will only weaken further in the overstressed or braced areas. Pain is the bodies way of informing us that something is not correct and needs to be fixed, not covered up with braces and medication.

mfr for athletes

Acknowledging the Pain

Many athletes attempt to work through pain via medication, ointments, bracing, icing or heating. Traditional therapy often times treats just the area of pain providing only temporary results. MFR looks at how the whole body is performing and where the greatest fascial pull lies. This fascial pull causes malalignment in the body which leads to an imbalance in the amount of force the muscles work at. This leads to injury. We must acknowledge the symptoms, but look elsewhere for the cause to gain flexibility and strength to prevent further injury.

The Power of the Mind

MFR also addresses the athletes' ability to center their mind and focus on the game. Studies have shown the importance of mental practice to improve your performance. If you are holding and bracing or playing with fear of injury, your body will be disconnected and your performance will suffer. MFR teaches you to listen to your body and center your mind to create an even flow of movement. This equals superior performance.

Sunshine Therapeutics Partners with Miles That Matter

Sunshine Therapeutics, LLC is joining Miles that Matter to promote a healthy way of living. Miles that Matter is a non-profit organization for runners, bikers, triathlon participants, and athletes of all sorts that raises money for charities while you reach your fitness goals. Throughout the year, Sunshine Therapeutics, LLC will be partnering with Miles that Matter to educate athletes on injury prevent, yoga, pilates, stretches, and wellness events to keep you healthy and feeling great. Please visit the Miles that Matter website or contact Karen Cosgrove.

Myofascial Release for Athletes Resources

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