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"The Natural Healing Force within each of us
is the Greatest Force in Getting Well"

Occupational Therapy Services

Pleae note that Jocelyn utilizes her training as an occupational therapist to provide wellness services to her clients. These services are not covered by insurance, but will promote a healthier way of living.

Occupational therapy encompasses what occupies you time. The primary focus is on returning you to your role in life whether you are a child, student, parent, business professional, athlete, or of retirement age each year should be treated like the golden years of your life. Your myofascial release occupational therapist will use an eclectic array of techniques including MFR, neuro-developmental treatment, kinesiotaping, strengthening and stretching, and meditation to untangle the fascial restrictions keeping you from achieving your goals.

Occupational Therapy Specialty areas:

Functional Restoration

Occupational Therapy (OT) encompasses what occupies your time. The primary focus is on returning you to your role in life whether you are a child, student, parent, business professional, athlete, or of retirement age enjoying the golden years. Through stretches and exercise, an occupational therapist guides you to increasing your muscle strength and ability to be independent with your everyday activities. If restoration of normal movement is not possible, an OT will educate you on compensatory strategies to be independent with the task. This may mean using a reacher to obtain items on the floor, sitting on a shower chair for increased safety and energy conservation while bathing, or fitting you and educating you in a customized wheelchair to allow you to move around your environment easily.

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Body Mechanics and Ergonomic Recommendations

Training a client in body mechanics is essential for injury and fall prevention. After an injury or illness, your strength is compromised which often times leads to faulty body mechanics which place further stress on the body. Therefore, during your OT treatment, you will be educated on the basics of proper body mechanics and ergonomics. Ergonomics addresses the set-up of your home, equipment, and workplace to allow you to work efficiently eliminating unneeded twisting, stretching, and energy expenditure. Efficient ergonomic set-up is necessary to prevent repetitive strain and twisting injuries, which can develop over time and compromise the fascial structure of your body, thus, leading to short and long term disability. Home safety evaluation and recommendations are also encompassed into ergonomics training. Prevention is the key to sustained good health.

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Cognitive and Psychological Wellness

Occupational Therapy is a holistic approach to wellness because an OT treats cognitive and psychological difficulties. Either retraining a client post stroke or traumatic brain injury in problem solving and comprehension or developing stress management skills, a person's thought process is addressed in order to fully return the client to their maximum level of wellness. An OT may recommend journaling, deep breathing, guided meditation, art, or music to minimized a client's stress level and improve their ability to manage challenging circumstances. The mind is more powerful than our muscles and therefore is an integral part of a client's occupational therapy.

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