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"The Natural Healing Force within each of us
is the Greatest Force in Getting Well"

Myofascial Release Services, Class Packages, and Products

Pricing and Packages

Myofascial Release Services

No tax will be charged if you have a doctor perscription stating Occupational Therapy for a specific diagnosis with code.

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Stretching Classes

Once a month, Jocelyn offers a stretching class. The 1 hour class is $25 and the 2 hour classes are $50 if register for the class. An additional $25 will be charged for drop-ins. These classes are free to clients actively receiving myofascial release treatments with Jocelyn. The focus is on learning new stretches and how to communicate with your body for longer lasting results by addressing physical and emotional releases.

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Check out OHSunshineTherapy on You-Tube for stretches that you can do at home! More is always being added.

Myofascial Release Products

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Private Workshops for Individuals/Couples

Would you and a friend or significant other like to learn how to use myofascial release to decrease each others tension and pain? Jocelyn is more than happy to provide a private teaching session for you at $125/hour to learn the basics of myofascial release treatment and/or stretching or core activation and body mechanics. All workshops will include a handout. All sessions must be atleast 2 hours and will also include treatment of both individuals. It is highly recommended for each person to have received a private myofascial release session prior to the workshop.

Private Clinics

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*All checks should be made out to Sunshine Therapeutics. We accept all major credit cards.

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