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"The Natural Healing Force within each of us
is the Greatest Force in Getting Well"

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Private Workshops for Businesses

Does your entire staff need to enhance their skills? Would you like to bring a course to your facility?

Jocelyn Teaching

Sunshine Therapeutics understands how challenging it can be for therapists and employers to find the time and money to attend quality continuing education courses that create a well rounded, skilled therapy team. That's why we want to bring our classes to you. When a team learns together they work together understanding and agreeing on important clinical reasoning decisions. That creates a team environment benefiting the patient. All workshops can be taught at your facility or Sunshine Therapeutics depending on the group size.

All CEU courses are available for private full day workshops including

A 1 hour staff safety training in body mechanics is also available for injury prevention in the highly physical job or the more sedentary job for $200/hour

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*For Private Courses over 50 people, the price will be negotiated with Sunshine Therapeutics.

For more information, please contact Sunshine Therapeutics at or 937-307-4174.

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Private Workshops for Individuals/Couples

Would you and a friend or significant other like to learn how to use myofascial release to decrease each others tension and pain? Jocelyn is more than happy to provide a private teaching session for you at $125/hour to learn the basics of myofascial release treatment and/or stretching or core activation and body mechanics. All workshops will include a handout. All sessions must be atleast 2 hours and will also include treatment of both individuals. It is highly recommended for each person to have received a myofascial release session prior to the workshop. All workshops are recommended to be done at Sunshine Therapeutics. Additional travel fees will apply.

Private Workshops for Small Groups

Gather your friends for a wellness gathering to learn myofascial release, MFR stretching, core stability, breathing, meditation, or body alignment assessment. This is a great way to help each other stay motivated to be healthy. If the minimum number of participants is not met, the clinic can be provided at the flat rate divided by the number of participants.

Design Your Own Clinic

Design your own clinic by choosing from the classes below:

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