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Blessed not stressed

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When stress arises do you go into panic mode or do you turn to gratitude? What am I asking?! Stress is called stress because you are in panic mode. So, if you took life in stride, lived in gratitude, and found peace and understanding/compassion in every person, place, and thing would stress even exist in your life. Probably not because you will have transformed into a state of being “Too Blessed to be Stressed” as Alan Cohen puts it. Check out his amazing video blog from earlier this week.

A Daily Dose of Sanity: Too Blessed to be Stressed

David Jeremiah said, “We have two options when going through a trial: We can either become bitter or we can become better”. Everything is our perception and our reaction. A Course in Miracles teaches that we create our own reality. Yes, things happen in life. They always will. That is life, but we can unite with the divine and see the blessing or we can divide and be stressed while creating a world of isolation. 

I’m guilty. I have made up stories in my head that I am not good enough, life is unfair, I will never achieve a goal, I things will never be how I want them to because of an outside factor. The truth is, the area needing mending is my inner beliefs, what I have talked myself into believing. God can only speak so loud. I have to be willing to look and listen and shift my perspective from a victim to the chosen one. What you experience in life you were chosen to receive as a gift of divine communication to inspire you to become better, not bitter.

I was in a relationship that I did not feel was serving me well. I complained a lot about it and felt very sad. I didn’t feel like things would ever change. My world was caught in the victim mentality and I wanted out. My heart knew this was not the right answer. This was my opportunity to look deep inside of me and evaluate what I was missing in myself that I was projecting onto my outside relationships because I had this feeling about more than 1 person. I felt alone for the most part. The greatest challenge was that I did not see the light in myself. I was looking for outside praise to fill my soul. I also wasn’t giving praise and credit where it was due. Communication on my part was not very good because I didn’t how to say what I was feeling outside of complaining about the superficial things. Shifting my focus to gratitude and blessings completely transformed my world in a relatively short amount of time. Finding contentment with where I was at in my life was key so that I stopped living in the past and anticipating the future. What was good in my life at this exact moment?

 I have this dog that is like the Dori fish from the movie Nemo. She doesn’t remember yesterday and cares less about tomorrow. She is just concerned about today and when it is feeding time and getting to sleep in her bed. She lives in the now. Could you do this?

My challenge to you is the be “Too blessed to be stressed so you can become better, not bitter”


Voyage to HEAL Weekly Task

Stretch: Hold your hands in an upside-down prayer position with your head up. Hold this for 2 minutes while breathing. Now reverse your hands and tuck your head. Hold this while breathing. Notice the difference. Which is easier? To be blessed or stressed?


Exercise: Get on your knees and turn that core on as you follow the meditation provided for this post. I used to wonder why do we have to get on our knees to pray. I finally figured it out. We can’t move while in kneeling. You have to be still and balanced focusing on the words you are saying and receiving. It’s not about paying homage to God because we are equals with God. We are God! So we are stopping to communicate and that is why kneeling is so incredibly important. It is not a position you are in all the time so you are present in your time with God.

Habitual Change: Give yourself the time you want

Perspective Enlightenment: I am blessed

This week’s blog post correlates beautifully with the message from week 10: Foam roller and ball releases/ Living in Gratitude.

Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL




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