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Though myofascial release is my primary modality, I also offer several complementary techniques mentioned below. I acknowledge that it takes a village to heal and I am happy to communicate with any other healthcare practitioners you are working with on your Voyage to HEAL.

Myofascial Release Stretching: An assisted stretching session offers you more guidance to completing your self-treatment program effectively and answers any questions that you may have, such as “How long should I hold a stretch?”. 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage: Manual lymphatic drainage activates the movement of lymphatic fluid to decrease swelling and boost the body’s ability to heal and fight off infections. It is great for seasonal allergies, post-surgery, or inflammation. Most clients find it very calming as well. 

Breath Work: I firmly believe that tension and stress can significantly be decreased with the proper breathing technique. During your sessions, you will receive training on diaphragmatic breathing and will be encouraged to practice this daily. Several of your recommended stretches can easily be incorporated into your everyday activities. The goal is to eliminate your holding and bracing patterns by forming new, healthy habits. 

Prayer Work: My form of healing touch, Reiki, therapeutic touch, etc is classified as deep, concentrated prayer work to energetically and spiritually bring healing and balance to your body. I believe in the power of prayer and that God is our greatest and ultimate healer. I am simply his instrument to facilitate your healing. Come experience it first hand.  

Ergonomic Assessment & Body Mechanics training: My background as an occupational therapist has provided me with the knowledge to assess how you move, work, and sleep. I can provide you with recommendations to improve your posture and/or your body mechanics to help decrease or possibly eliminate your pain. I have also created a video series available in the store to help you with your posture. 

Pelvic Floor and Core Activation: Having a firm foundation in the pelvic floor and core is essential for anyone at any age or stage in their life. Though this is not a primary focus of treatment, you may be provided with a few exercises to get started. Then, I’ll probably refer you to my good friend, Michele Gangwer who is located in the same space. There is also a pelvic floor and core activation video series available in the store.

Though our businesses are separately owned, Michele Gangwer, owner of Be Present Wellness in which Sunshine Therapeutics shares space, also shares a love for seeing her clients heal. I would highly recommend visiting Michele’s website  Michele offers yoga, pilates, essential oils, and health coaching. 

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