Assisted Stretching
Aromatherapy & Prayer Work
Yoga & Pilates
Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Though myofascial release is our primary modality, we also offer several complementary techniques mentioned below. We acknowledge that it takes a village to heal and are happy to offer you a variety of services and communicate with any other healthcare practitioners you are working with on your Voyage to HEAL.

Assisted Stretching: An assisted stretching session offers you more guidance to completing your self-treatment program effectively and answers any questions that you may have, such as “How long should I hold a stretch?”. Reach out to Jocelyn Metzger or Michele Gangwer for more information.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage: Manual lymphatic drainage activates the movement of lymphatic fluid to decrease swelling and boost the body’s ability to heal and fight off infections. It is great for seasonal allergies, post-surgery, or inflammation. Most clients find it very calming as well. Reach out to Jocelyn Metzger for more information.

Yoga: Reconnect the body, the mind, and the breath while increasing flexibility and strength. We offer Hatha yoga focused on flexibility with a bit of strengthening while ensuring that proper form is being used. All classes can be adapted to the participant’s needs. Private yoga sessions are highly recommended to meet your needs and ensure proper form. Reach out to Michele Gangwer for more information.

Pilates: If there is one area of the body that stays tense from lack of strength, it would be the pelvic floor and the core. This highly under used area is crucial for stability, balance, and back health. Pilates focuses on form and proper activation of the pelvic floor and the core. The Pilates instructor will take you through movements with a close eye on keeping your body stable. One-on-one sessions are highly recommended prior to completing a group class. Experience the benefits of the pilates reformer to stretch and strengthen you during a one-on-one session.  Reach out to Michele Gangwer for more information.

Health Coaching: It’s not just about what you eat. The body is a complex organism that requires all systems to be functioning at their best potential to maintain good health. Several factors come into play including our diet, exercise, stress level, and our belief systems. Whether you are looking for guidance on weight loss, boosting organ function, or your energy level, a certified health coach will guide you to meet your goal of living healthier and happier. Reach out to Michele Gangwer for more information.

Essential oils/ Aromatherapy: Oils are the historical medicine of ancient years when pills did not exist. Essential oils are a great compliment to subtly enhancing your mood and assisting in decreasing the symptoms of various ailments. Reach out to Michele Gangwer for more information.

Prayer Work: Our form of healing touch, Reiki, therapeutic touch, etc is classified as deep, concentrated prayer work to energetically and spiritually bring healing and balance to your body. We believe in the power of prayer and God to heal. Come experience it first hand. Reach out to Jocelyn Metzger or Michele Gangwer for more information.

Please visit the Meet the Team to choose which therapist best fits your needs.

For more information on Myofascial Release visit the Myofascial Release Services Page. For guidance on MFR self-treatment visit the Myofascial Release Self-Treatment Page or to heal in the energy of a supportive group class visit the Classes & Workshops Page.