Voyage to HEAL Weekend Excursion! Dates for 2024 to be announced soon.

Experience 14 hours of awareness, transformation, and healing. 

Come Start your Voyage to HEAL
Learning Healthy Everyday Activities for Life

We all have an innate ability to heal by listening to God. The Voyage to HEAL is where traditional stretches, exercises, and body mechanics meet the historically proven power of God’s healing. This is a guide to shifting your perspective from fear to love so that nothing may hold you back, including yourself.

Each week you will be provided with a stretch for one area of the body.  You will complete this stretch following the myofascial release principles of place and hold. You’ll also be given a meditation that correlates to the messages of that area of the body and guides you to let go of what hasn’t been serving you well. Included in each week is a postural correction such as bending your knees and a gentle pelvic floor and core strengthening exercise. Contained in each week are journaling options, additional resources, and scripture references as well. This combination addresses pain and illness from cumulative everyday habits, physical injuries, and emotional distress. 

As these new pathways of moving, thinking, and feeling are created, your pain and illness will subside and life will transform into a new, brighter way of being. Life is a gift, God will always be with you, and heaven can be here on earth. Peace is possible. You can do this. Give this gift to yourself.

Myofascial Release Stretches

Myofascial Release Stretches

Watch the guided stretching videos to find the stretch perfect for you.

Perspective Enlightenment

Perspective Enlightenment

The mind is the captain of our ship and determines where we sail. Follow these meditations to find peace. Learn to trust in God's plan to have eternal joy and peace. 



Without a stable pelvic floor and core musculature, the rest of the body will overwork and use tension to stay upright. These pelvic floor and core exercises will hold you together. 

Postural Corrections

Postural Corrections

Attain an aligned posture to correct cumulative traumas of our everyday habits. Awareness is the greatest shifter.

Course Information

Who Benefits?
Voyage to HEAL
Voyage Process
Voyage Itinerary
Typical Week
The video below demonstrates the flow of a weekly routine that would be completed in the Voyage to HEAL process correcting cumulative, physical, and emotional traumas.
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On-Line Benefits:

*You will get all the latest updates and additions to the workbook

*You become a part of a community of people on the same Voyage to HEAL through the comments and helpful tips section in each chapter

*Access to the bonus feature area with monthly videos and tips

*Each chapter has multiple links to educational videos as well as music and book resources that can only be viewed through the Voyage to HEAL. 

Available in your hands as well!

I know online activities aren’t for everyone, including me! The hard copy of the Voyage to HEAL workbook, Inner Guide to Stretching DVD, Voyage to HEAL Meditations and Core Activation Series are all available for download or in hard copy mailed to you. Click here to visit the store.




Access Instructions

Access to Voyage to HEAL requires the one-time purchase of a lifetime membership. If you have not yet purchased the Voyage to HEAL Membership, please click the Purchase Here button to gain access.

If you have already purchased a lifetime membership, click on a chapter, login and get started where you left off.

6 Responses

  1. Patrick

    Love this program

  2. Jocelyn Metzger

    It is so rewarding to see the last 10 years of work learning and teaching come together in one program that encompasses everything needed to heal. As I created the Voyage to HEAL, so did I heal in the process. God supports us down so many paths so that we may grow and share with others. I am so grateful for all I have experienced and feel blessed to know I am right where I am supposed to be. I pray that you too hear the voice of God speak to you and tell you how amazing you are while on your voyage and forever more. God speed on your Voyage to HEAL. Love, Jocelyn

  3. shurley

    I would highly recommend the Voyage to Heal series to anyone & everyone! The online access to videos, stretches, meditations, inspirational songs & positive personal affirmations are wonderful but attending a live class with Jocelyn is even better! She shares her wealth of knowledge & vast experiences to make us all feel better too & this “lifetime membership” is like a gift that keeps on giving! Always something new & encouraging each time I get an email update, visit the web site or attend a live class. I can’t wait to have a copy of the Voyage to Heal workbook also as I know this is a resource I will use for the rest of my life.

  4. Susanna

    This course is a gift to yourself that can last a lifetime. Jocelyn has an extensive knowledge of techniques and how to employ them for every individual. It is a course of learning you keep coming back to over and over as you continue your journeys. You make this your own as you have been given the tools to achieve many kinds of healing.

    • Jocelyn Metzger

      Thank you so very much. It is as much of a gift to me as it is to you. Thank you for recommending to keep coming back as I’m always adding new things I find.

  5. Sharon

    Thank you Jocelyn for sending these email reminders for a “refresher course” for me 🙂 I participated in your original weekly classes, benefiting greatly in 2019 while recovering from a broken ankle…unfortunately now I am working through healing from a shattered wrist after surgery and again the same principles can be used to heal the whole body and encourage me…love having the book too and appreciate for the continued additions! Thanks again and God bless you!

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