Spiritual healing

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What comes first, spiritual or physical healing? Over the years, I have seen a pattern when people get sick, hurt, or have any challenge. At first, they are in chaos in which they are searching in a frantic state for … Read More

Are you over stretched?

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Can you over-exercise and feel sore? Can you overeat and get a belly ache? Can you over-stretch and feel pain? Yes to all of these, but how do you prevent this from happening? First and foremost, remember that pain is … Read More

You are not trapped

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This week’s message is short and sweet. Remember that you are never trapped where you are. We always have options. John Barnes, the founder of Myofascial Release, said, “Find another way.” If you are not pleased with where you are … Read More


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I just had the most amazing revelation! When we blame other people, events, or things for causing our problems, we are saying that we have no control over what is happening to us. When we rely on outside sources to … Read More

The opportunity to love

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We are given so many opportunities to show love. I have come to learn that caregiving for someone or something that you love, in their time of need, is by far the most rewarding of these opportunities. A few years … Read More

The Killer of Peace

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  The killer of peace is often time. I have a love/hate relationship with time. It is probably about the only thing that I really want more of because it goes by so quickly and never really feels like I … Read More

Where are you

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We can be in a lot of different places emotionally, but only one place spiritually. Unfortunately, our emotional being can override our spiritual being and we project where we are on others. That can put us in a bad place, … Read More

Be the spirit

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I feel the spirit, but can I embody being the spirit? In the previous blog, you were questioned as to whether you are living in the spiritual realm or the physical? This is really asking if you are working toward … Read More

I let go

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Are you free enough to let go of your physical body to live in a spiritual realm? A limitless life means you have let go of your old ways. This is so much easier said than done because the pathways … Read More

Free Yourself

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You’ve set your goals physically, mentally, and spiritually. Re-read them. Will achieving them please you? Are they written for your benefit alone? Do the goals you wrote truly reflect who you are without any restraint? Several years ago, I had the … Read More

I’m curious

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You have set your long-term goal and now you have to evaluate how are you going to achieve that long-term goal. I know the saying goes that curiosity killed the cat, but in this case, curiosity will guide the cat. … Read More

The Finish Line

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The Finish Line! I can’t believe I have finally finished a task that has taken years to accomplish and I couldn’t be more proud of it. You’ll have to check out the website, specifically the Voyage to HEAL, to see … Read More

Stop Fear and Anxiety

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How do you decrease anxiety? ­I’ve been there. I know how it feels and I would almost take depression over anxiety because it is such a horrible feeling to live in fear. Neither of these conditions is pleasant. Over the … Read More

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