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How do you receive messages from God?

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At the top of your Christmas tree, was there a star or an angel? Are you like Mary or the Shepherds receiving a glorious message from above that something great is to come? Perhaps you are more like the Magi noticing something different and following your intuition to see where the sign is pointing you because you just know you should. Do you find what you are looking for at once like Mary and the shepherds did or wander a couple of years and then find it like the Magi? No matter what the timing is, God has a plan for you and he is constantly sending you messages.

God speaks to us in so very many ways, sometimes loud and clear and at other times very subtle.  Over 2000 years ago, God entered this world in a very subtle way to all of us who were taking note of the sky or hearing the angels. Very few people even knew that Emmanuel, God with Us, had finally entered the world and our lives would forever be saved. We could now see the face of God and clearly hear his voice speaking the words of the Most High. Peace, love, and joy had returned to the world. Would you have known? Would you have listened to the shepherds, the lowest members of society, as they proclaimed the good news? Think of the woman at the well, who had had 5 husbands and quite the reputation, running into Canaan and proclaiming to have met the Messiah? Likewise, would you have ridiculed Mary for being pregnant outside of wedlock casting judgment on her? How do you respond to information that seems completely out of synch with your beliefs? How would you have responded if you were Mary or even Joseph? I hope I would have embraced the miracle I was being told of, but this is just a lesson to me right now to be open-minded with eyes to see and ears to hear the miracles all around me at this very moment in time because there are a lot of them happening. God is always at work.

Nature is a prime example of God’s miracles. Vegetation blossoms, wither and are restored again every year. The animals scurry about making new homes, expanding their families, and making glorious sounds. The winds blow, the rain falls, and the sun shines.

Human babies are created and born. New inventions are discovered and machines are created. People are cured of pain and illnesses every single day! There is laughter. There are celebrations. There are miracles constantly occurring, but do you notice? Just like many people over 2000 years ago that busily went through their day, we may not even notice the greatest miracle of all that God is with us. God is in us. We are one with God. 

Do you want to see a miracle?

Look in the mirror.

You are the miracle.

~ Your Inner Guide


Voyage to HEAL Weekly Task

Stretch: Be a star! Laying on your bed or in standing, extend your arms and legs wide and reach out envisioning yourself as the star of Bethlehem eliminating the world. So to yourself, “I am the light of the world”. Feel your radiance shoot out from your fingers, toes, the top of your head, and your heart. Actively expand yourself. Envision it, feel it, and share it with the world!

Exercise: Keeping in this same star pose laying on your back, pull your arms, legs, and head inward into a light ball. Squeeze lightly while breathing. Then open up. Feel the difference in closing in versus expanding out. Repeat this exercise 10 times. Is it easier to stay closed up into a little ball or stretched out like a start? This reminds me that it takes more muscles to frown than smile. It is so much more work to be angry and withdrawn, than joyful and willing to help.

Habitual Change: Sit still for 5 minutes every day without a thought in your head.

Perspective enlightenment: Dear Lord, please open my eyes and ears that your messages will awaken my soul and inspire my spirit to follow your will, not my will.

Journaling option: How do you respond to news that doesn’t coincide with your beliefs? Do you look down on anyone and disregard their opinion because of their “class”, choices, or beliefs? How has God spoken to you in miraculous ways? Have you listened to what God has imprinted on your heart or turned away because what he was asking you to do was way too hard? Do not judge or condemn yourself if the answers to these questions reveal what you hoped was not true. You can only change your behavior if you are aware of what you are doing. Use this as a catalyst to be like Christ who would never condemn you so don’t you condemn yourself! Listen and Love.

This week’s blog post coincides with week 9: God’s Plan and week 7: The Voice of God. In week 7 of the Voyage to HEAL the resounding message is that we are the eyes, ears, and voice of God. See, hear, and speak the miracles God is presenting to you. Not only will miracles happen to you, but be a miracle for the world. If you are in need of seeing how perfectly made you are and letting go of your pain, come start your full online Voyage to HEAL. Click here to visit the store. 

Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL









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  1. Sharon

    Love this! “Sit still for 5 min without a thought in your head” sounds like a great New Years goal to me 🙂 thanks Jocelyn