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Thou shall not steal

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Though shall not steal from the fridge when no one is looking and then lie about it! That is written in commandments #8 and #9. God had our best interest in mind when he commanded that we should not steal or give false testimony.

  1. You shall have no other Gods before me
  2. You shall not make for yourselves an idol
  3. You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God
  4. Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy
  5. Honor your father and your mother
  6. You shall not murder
  7. You shall not commit adultery
  8. You shall not steal
  9. You shall not give false testimony
  10. You shall not covet

Let’s be honest with ourselves, when we sneak larger quantities of food or foods that we know are not good for us, we are only cheating ourselves. Maybe someone else does care about your weight loss or general health, but ultimately, we have to be the primary one who cares or no diet or wellness plan is going to succeed.

Tracking what you do and eat is so important to discover the truth of your eating habits. I’m not just talking about how much junk food do you eat, but are you getting a balanced diet? Are your eating habits right for you? If you are tracking what you eat and still find yourself “stealing” snacks or not recording all that you have eaten, what is driving you to lie to yourself and not want to feel better? Granted you could ask yourself the why questions about a lot of things in your life. You could also turn to God and ask him for strength to change your habits and see the truth about how you are treating your body. God, please give me the strength to endure my hunger pains. Please give me a clear way out when I want to eat what I shouldn’t. God, may I remember you and your faithfulness as I honestly record what I have eaten and done? God help me find a way to live healthier so I can care for my children or do my job. God loves to give us signs and guide us. Rarely does he miraculously make things happen, but he will surely find a way to guide us.

Asking God to help you lose 25 lbs may not turn out how you want it. You may get really sick or have something happen in which you lose your appetite or have to work super hard and the weight just falls off. So asking God for willpower or clarity is a much safer route than asking God to independently solve your problems. He is your strength and your guide, but you have to make the choice to follow him or not. The commandments are his living word to guide you if you let them.

In Exodus 16:4-35, God provided food for the Israelites as they wandered the wilderness. He provided manna for them every morning and gave them specific instructions to only take what they needed and no more. When they were greedy, the extra manna they took had maggots on it later in the day. They learned that God would provide for them and guide them. He sustained them in the wilderness for 40 years providing just enough for them.

We can live on just enough as well, but it will take a huge shift in our thought process to escape the world of lack and lavishness to live in a world of abundance and simplicity. We can do this with the foods we eat, too. Did you know that the spicier, richer, saltier, and sweeter you make your food will only dull your senses so you will want things with even more flavor? Eventually, nothing is spicy enough, rich enough, sweet enough, or salty enough. By retraining our taste buds to enjoy simply flavored or plain food, eating becomes far more enjoyable. The same holds true for the quantity we eat. If we train our bodies to be full on less, then we will feel satisfied with the portions we are given.

How can you live simply, but abundantly at the same time? You hold faith that God has provided you with all that you need even if it doesn’t seem like much, it is enough. You need not steal. You need not lie. For God has provided you with all that you need. 


Luke 12:24-31 Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest, they don’t have storerooms or barns, but God feeds them. And you are worth much more than birds……..And do not set your heart on what you will eat or drink; do not worry about it. For the pagan world runs after all such things, and your Father knows that you need them. But seek his kingdom and these things will be given to you as well.


Voyage to HEAL Weekly Task

Stretch: Let’s open your mouth by relaxing the jaw. Did you know that you should be able to fit 3 fingers stacked on top of each other in the opening of your mouth? Let’s make this happen if you are not able to do this already. Make a fist with your hands and place your knuckles at the spot the jaw meets the skull. Gently press inward and feel the tension dissipate. You can also try pulling your cheeks.

Exercise: Michele Gangwer taught me this exercise recently and I love it so much that I’m trying to do it each day. I haven’t succeeded yet, but I’ll get there. Get on all 4s in quadruped. Place a yoga block or a really thick book under one knee and hover the other knee next to it. Extend the knee that is not on the block. If this is easy, extend the opposite arm out in front of you. Try 8 of these and repeat this on the opposite side.

Habitual Change: I’m still working on this, but try to be present when you eat. Taste your food. Eat slowly. Sit down while you are eating and think about what you are eating.  

Perspective enlightenment: God provides all that I need. I have enough.

Journaling option: Write a prayer to God asking for the guidance, courage, strength, and intervention that you need to overcome whatever obstacle stands in your way. Then read the quote from Luke above.  

This week’s blog post coincides with week 10: Thank you. You can purchase this week in the store on the webpage. You can also purchase the Inner Peace Meditation CD or start your full online Voyage to HEAL. Click here to visit the store. Most importantly, start being kind to yourself always. As God gives you grace, so should you give it to yourself. Stop fighting yourself. Instead, love yourself.

Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL












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