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Ask but once

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This world can really test our faith and mess with our ability to fully trust that God’s watching out for us. I know that He truly is the only source that will never abandon us, lie to us, or harm us. God’s only capable of love and that’s an unconditional, never-failing love. Everything else in this world will let you down especially if you put your happiness in your job, money, friends, spouse, or talent. At some point, all those worldly sources will fail, but not God.

In order for God to help you, though, you must be willing to let him. That’s the thing with God, He always gives us a choice to follow and trust him. I heard a fabulous concept the other week that said the person who keeps asking God for the same thing over and over again lacks faith that God heard them the first time. Guilty! I have done this over and over again. I have to chuckle as I recall my child repeatedly asking me for something until I informed them that if they asked me one more time, there would be consequences. Now I can’t answer for God if he gets annoyed with people asking the same request over and over, but I believe in his silence he’s letting me know that he’s working on it, but there are a lot of steps to make his will be done. In that interim, you must embrace 3 of those fruits of the spirit: patience, faithfulness, and joy.

If you’ve been praying for healing, be patient. If you’ve been praying for an opportunity, have faith that God is working for your best interest. If you’ve been suffering from mental anguish, tell the devil to get out of your thoughts so God’s joy can find a home in you. Do not let the devil get a stronghold on you when you feel weak. The closer you cling to God, the more the enemy will test you to pull you away. God’s unconditional love will pull you through. Stay in the truth. Stay in the Word. Remember how very loved you are and ask but once. You shall receive. 

Matthew 28:20

I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.


Voyage to HEAL Weekly Task

Prayer: Dear God, I put my trust in you that you are always watching out for me and answering my prayers. Thank you for your love and devotion to me always. May I return it to you.

Stretch: We can be pulled in a lot of directions in this crazy world, but we can still be focused and present. So this week, grab a secure railing or sink ledge and gently lean back. Move your hips right and left to feel the stretch or cross one arm over the other. As you elongate in various directions maintain your breath and trust that you will heal.

Exercise: Let’s hold a plank against a wall, table or on the ground on all 4’s or in a push-up position. Hold for 10-30 seconds 3x for 30 seconds.

Habitual Change: Take note if you are tilting your chin upward. I noticed I do this and now it’s habit to catch myself and look straight forward.

Perspective enlightenment: I am so loved by God. I put my trust in Him.

Journaling option: God, how can I trust you more? Show me how you are working in my life.

This week’s blog post coincides with the Voyage to HEAL. You can purchase the Voyage to HEAL in the store on the webpage. Click here to visit the online store to find all of these items. Most importantly, start being kind to yourself. As God gives you grace, so should you give it to yourself. Stop fighting yourself. Instead, love yourself.

Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL





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2 Responses

  1. Emily Layton

    I love this reminder! It’s a deeper kind of trust. I also appreciate the suggestions of the different ways to involve my body, mind, heart, and spirit in this shift. Thanks Jocelyn!

    • Jocelyn Metzger

      There are always so many things that I do not consider when I pray. I love the book Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To by Anthony DeStefano. It is a wonderful guide to knowing how to phrase our prayers.