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Is this enough?

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Living in lack is never thinking you have or are enough.

The snowstorm was coming. The virus was going to lock us all in our homes and we would not be able to leave. Once again, the grocery shelves became bare. People went into a fear mode of being trapped and not having what they would need. They feared that being trapped in their homes, they would most definitely run out of food and perish away. I guess I can’t blame them too much as I often overeat because I am worried about being hungry. My child acts in this similar way about toys she sees and just can’t live without. If you saw my house, you would realize that if she never received another toy in her whole life, she would be just fine.

This feeling of lack invades both adults and children not only in reference to tangible items but also in the things we do and create. Think of how many times the Bible has been rewritten to make it “better”. My favorite spiritual guide, A Course in Miracles, which resounds with the message that you are enough, was edited for 7 years before being published. For those who have read the original edit, it is said that the original is far better than any other edition. Unfortunately, when you live in a world of lack that you will never have or be enough. You will always need to do or have one more thing.

Yes, the snowstorm came and what a beautiful sight it was to see a true, snowy white winter. Everything all covered in the glistening white snow made the world look clean and pure. The snow silenced the world keeping cars and planes at rest and absorbing all other sounds so the only thing you heard was the beating of your heart and your breath. I thought to myself as I laid in the snow, as long as my heart is still beating and I am still breathing what more could I want? To see the world clean and pure in peaceful silence as if world peace had come to my front door, what more could I want? To be cozy in my warm house surrounded by love, what more could I ever want? I even got to listen to an audiobook by my favorite author, Rachel Hauck. Her fictitious books resonate with the messages from the Voyage to HEAL and continually remind me of the love of God. I highly recommend The Wedding Dress, The Wedding Chapel, and The Wedding Shop. 

In my children’s schooling this week, we read a story about Little Bear. Little Bear wanted to go out in the snow and play, but he was cold. So he asked his mom for a hat, pants, and gloves, but he was still cold. So she asked him if he would like a fur coat. He replied yes. So his mom took off the hat, the pants, and the gloves and sent him outside in his fur coat. He happily played in the snow. God had given him all that he needed. Sometimes it just takes acknowledging that God has given us all that we need in order to feel like we have enough. The bible is filled with stories of very little being enough for everyone. So let go of lack and embrace the blessings around you and inside of you.

You and your life can be as perfectly simple and beautiful as the pure, clean snow.

 ~ Your Inner Guide


Voyage to HEAL Weekly Tasks

Stretch: Since I have been shoveling snow, I need an Epsom salt bath. So for this week’s stretch, get some Epsom salts, fill the bathtub and soak. If baths are not for you, hang out in the shower a bit longer. Slow down, relax, and let doing nothing much at all be enough.

Exercise: Activate your core, go out in the snow and make snow angels! Step away and see your true identity as an angel on this earth! Ok, for those of you who do not want to play in the snow, that’s ok. Lay on your bed or floor and make snow angels ensuring that your arms come all the way up over your head. Try to make at least 8 angels. If moving the arms and the legs at the same time is too challenging, you can you each limb individually. Do the best that you can and gradually work up to moving all 4 limbs at the same time.   

Habitual Change: Give yourself rest. When you are tired, stop. When you want to play rather than work, go play. Stop pushing yourself to exhaustion for fear that you will never get things done. Your body will thank you for resting and your mind will thank you for having fun.

Perspective Enlightenment: I have and am all I need.

Journal Option: What more have you been wanting? Would it really be what you want we you get it?

This week’s blog post coincides with week 8: I am enough. I encourage you to begin the on-line Voyage to HEAL or purchase the meditation CD to guide you along your Voyage to HEAL. You can also purchase the hard copy of the Voyage to HEAL Inner Peace workbook by clicking here.

Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL






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