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Lasting Impressions

This is a tribute to the powerful effects animals have on our life. My Speckles was a soul mate for me.

Life is full of events, people, and animals that leave a lasting impression on our life. No events are good or bad, they are just there to give us more awareness and transition us to a better place. That’s what my horse Speckles did for me. She came into my life at a time that I desperately needed good life lessons to build my confidence and transition me to who I am today. She was not only my childhood dream come true and my teacher. For that, I will eternally be grateful to my Speckles. Though her passing has saddened me greatly, my gratitude for the time I had with her is far stronger. She carried me along almost 13 years and what she taught me will live on forever.

Godspeed my dear friend, Speckles.

I will always love you. Your eternal rider and friend,


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