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Make Me Smile

The Make Me Smile Category is going to be filled with funny and heartwarming stories of good things happening all around us. There really are so many wonderful things that happen everyday. So here’s your first make me smile event:

As my children and I were driving along on our way home late in the evening, my 3 year old said she was hungry. When I handed her the snack sack I had packed earlier, I realized she had completely eaten it. Without even hesitating, my 5 year old asked her sister if she would like something from her sack. All our needs will be provided for. That single act not only made my 3 year old happy, but warmed my heart as well.

Did you know that according to the 2018 Giving USA report, Americans gave a total of $410 billion to charity last year which was up from 390.05 billion in 2016. Miracles do happen.

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