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Mind clarity

The next two chapters are continuing with the process of clearing your mind so it really is blank. It is further challenging us to not classify objects or people or anything into categories but to see everything with new eyes when we look at it. 
Lesson 9 has you looking at something and saying I do not see this object as it is now. 
Lesson 10 then has you noting your thoughts and saying my thoughts do not mean anything. This idea will help to release me from all that I now believe. As it points out we did a similar exercise earlier but the phrase was these thoughts and not my thoughts.
As awkward as some of these seem to say I personally have noticed a lot of positive changes in my thought patterns and a lot more peace in my days. I have found that these exercises can be applied at any point during a day and utilizing all lessons in one day.
This book in itself is a miracle to me but it would probably challenge me to say that I do not see this book as it is now and my thoughts of this book me nothing. Both of those statements are true as I know my viewpoint will continue to change as I continue with my exercises. Please feel free to share your experiences.

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