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What is God’s plan

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Ok, God, what’s the lesson here? What’s your plan for me? What is God’s plan?

When we are born and every year after on that day, people say happy birthday. It is supposed to be a happy occasion. We are happy that you were born. You should be happy that you are born. All events in life, on some level, will eventually bring you happiness out of the ashes. The phoenix rises from the ashes and sores.

Life is a series of events that propel us forward to our higher selves. With every event, we gain more insight into ourselves and the things that make us happy and what doesn’t make us happy. The more we know what does make us happy, the easier life becomes. God’s plan is for us to be happy. God wants us to experience Heaven here on earth. We are not meant to suffer, struggle, be sad, or be anxious.

Stress is a symptom when our heart’s desires are not being met. When we are not true to ourselves, our soul suffers and this is expressed in “dis” content and “dis” ease.

Click on the link below titled Feelings Wheel. Become very familiar with the emotions on this chart and take note of the feelings when your needs are met and when they are not met. Do whatever you need to do to stay more on the right side of this wheel. To follow God’s plan is to follow the pursuit of happiness and bring Heaven here to earth. 

Feelings Wheel


What if God’s plan was so simple that it got buried under complexity? Let it be easy and you will find your answer. ~ your inner guide


The Voyage to HEAL Weekly Activities

Stretch: Legs up the wall us a great way to rest the feet, stretch the hamstrings and soften the lower back. You can also lay on the floor and put your legs up the side of your bed or us your headboard if wall space is not available.

Exercise: Try the yoga seated prayer position. Always activate your core, keep feet hip-width apart, sit back as if sitting in a chair, and hold your hands in prayer position in front of your heart. Set a timer for 30-60 seconds as you hold this 3x throughout the day.

Habitual change: Try not to use food, or the quantity of food, as your stress relief. This means that you do not eat a big bowl of ice cream to cheer yourself up. You do not eat an entire bag of chips because you’re mad. You do not have a glass of wine or a beer to calm yourself down. Look at food and beverages as a source of nourishment, not an escape from negative feelings.   

Perspective Enlightenment: Look at the feelings wheel. What positive emotion do you most want? Now, write out everything that would make you feel that way. As you hold the stretch or exercise, envision your Heaven here on earth.  

This week’s blog post coincides with week 9: Leg stretches/God’s Plan. It is also my birthday week. In pursuant of my goal to spread more love and happiness this year, I’m giving everyone a gift. Please visit the online store and use the code “MyBirthday” to receive $20 off any downloadable purchases or even the Lifetime membership to the Voyage to HEAL. 

Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL,




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