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What is entailed in being a B.F.F. Rider Challenge Sponsor?

All you need to do is offer an incentive for the participants to choose from when they reach their goal. An example would be a gift certificate to your store or a percentage off, Daniel Stewart is offering his Ride Right CD, other instructors are offering DVDs or a discount on a lesson or clinic. Whatever you would like to offer will give participants more incentive to take on the challenge. Incentives ranging from $10-$25 will equal the 1000 point incentive program. Incentives ranging from $26-$50 will qualify for the 2500 point incentive program and incentives ranging from $51-$75 or more will qualify for the 5000 point incentive program. Any amount incentive will be more than welcomed.

Do I have to pay to be a sponsor?

No, there is no fee for being a sponsor.

What do I get as a sponsor?

You will get free advertising on the handouts for the BFF challenge as well as on the BFF challenge information page on the Sunshine Therapeutics' website. This will also bring in more customers for you and show case your business as being dedicated to the health of equestrians.

Why do we want so many sponsors?

The more options participants have to choose from the more likely they are to participate and repeatedly continue the challenge throughout the year. Also, we do not want to exhaust one sponsor.

How long do I have to be a sponsor?

You can be a one time sponsor or a continual sponsor.

How can we be removed from the sponsor list?

You can remove yourself from the sponsor list at anytime by contacting Sunshine Therapeutics and simply requesting to be removed.

What is the goal of this program?

Our goal is to get the rider as fit as their horse for their benefit and the horse's. A rider that has an aligned body will not torque a horse out of alignment. This will allow the horse to move with more coordination, ease, and less stress. This places the rider at less risk of being injured when completing physically challenging tasks on the horse. A rider that is physically strong will be able to move with the horse with more ease and less fatigue. A rider that is focused and flexible is able to anticipate a horse's movements and react to quick movements keeping balanced and calm. Treating the horse and rider as a team will also develop a bond between horse and rider that will help them achieve their riding goals.

Will this program remain in OH only?

We hope that in a short time the program will be national. We will be presenting it to several horse clubs, shows, and trainers. Therefore, your company doesn't have to be local. As long as participants to review your products on-line or in a catalog, we'll be happy to include you as a sponsor.

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