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Allow room for God’s plan

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When I over plan, I get in the way of God’s plan ~ Alan Cohen

Pull those reins back and slow that pony down for when you go too fast and do too much and expect too much you miss all the good stuff. I have found that the less I put in my schedule, the more I am able to enjoy the things I am doing without hurrying to finish the first thing so I can move onto the next thing.  I have also found that when I have set my expectations way too high and too detailed of how “perfectly” I want things to go, I am often disappointed.

In Alan Cohen’s book, the Tao Made Easy, there is an entire chapter devoted to “When a little becomes a lot”. This is my reminder when I start eating too much. By far one of my worst bad habits is overeating. When I track my food intake, I feel so much better. When I don’t, I suffer the consequences, yet I still do it! Ugh! With any holiday or stressful period, I seem to fall into the same trap and forget that a little can be a lot. This can also apply to gift-giving and receiving. It’s the little, special things that matter, not the number of things. My girls at age 4 and 6 bring this point across loud and clear. Last year all they wanted was a Barbie Dream House and camper. As they opened up all the other presents, they just kept asking if Santa brought the Barbie Dream House. Once they saw that, nothing else really mattered.

A little can also become a lot when we are planning our holiday events and our goals. Rather than getting caught up in all the details, evaluate what is the feeling you want to have. What 1 simple thing can you do to create that feeling? Is it the decorating, a dish you will prepare, a place you want to visit, a present that you can’t wait to give, sipping hot chocolate and watching the Grinch that Stole Christmas? Find that one thing that will make you happy throughout this holiday season and then let God plan the rest.

Apply this same concept to a life goal and then let God plan the rest. For example, I would love for my Voyage to HEAL program to reach tons of people so there are fewer people hurting in this world which would raise the vibration of the world to a much happier state. I know that anytime I use my energy to promote/market the Voyage to HEAL, I tend to run myself down. I want to focus on my treatments, teaching, and when I am not working, I want to be with my family and friends. So, I do a little and am letting God do the rest. God knows when the right time will be for big things to happen with my business. Right now, I am where I need to be.

That being said, if you ever would like to leave a comment about these blog posts or the Voyage to HEAL on the website, Facebook, Google, Yelp, or wherever else, I would be so incredibly appreciative. I also love it when you share these blog posts so that we all can get to a better place. Thank you for coming along this Voyage to HEAL with me. Your love and support carry me along.


Voyage to HEAL Weekly Thoughts

Stretches: leg compression with a belt. Place your foot on a chair, wrap a belt or scarf around the arch of your foot, and gently pull inward.  Feel things soften in your leg as you pull back rather than stretching your leg. Feel free to try this with your legs up a wall as well.

Exercise: Draw little circles with your foot on the floor 6x clockwise and counterclockwise. Keep your pelvis stable!

Habit to change: Check your shoes for wear. If they are really worn in one area, consider going shoe shopping, but only replace one pair of shoes for one pair of shoes. Remember that less is more ( :

Perspective Enlightenment: God has a plan for me. I will leave space for his plan to unfold. 

This chapter coincides with week number 9 of the Voyage to HEAL: Leg releases and God’s plan. Purchase the chapter by

Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL,

Love, Jocelyn

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