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How do we hear God’s messages?

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How do we hear God’s messages for us?

God speaks to us in many different ways because sometimes it takes a lot to get a message across. Discovering how your intuition, your inner voice, communicates with you opens the door to hear God’s messages.

When I first started myofascial release, which is a highly intuitive technique, I drove myself a bit crazy trying to use my intuition in ways that weren’t natural to me. John Barnes can walk around a room of a hundred plus people and know exactly where he needs to touch or what needs to be said to facilitate someone’s healing. Other people well sense hot and cold or see colors on people’s bodies. Yet other people will just get messages in their own body or hear a voice that tells them exactly where to go. There are many other ways that God’s voice can be heard, too. Animals, nature, hearing something 3 times, catching a phrase that resignations with you on the tv, radio, or a sermon, or through our pain and illnesses. If you open your mind to wanting to see the truth, the truth will be revealed.

To hear God’s messages, to get the clarity you are looking for, consider these three significant factors.

  1. Be open to hearing the message. This means not denying coincidences, feelings, gut instincts
  2. Trust what you hear or feel.
  3. Be still. You can’t hear God’s voice if you or someone else is talking or you are running around doing something else. Ever ask someone a question and start doing something while they are answering. Then you have no idea what they said or if they even answered you. Exactly. Stillness and quiet.

Another component to turning on your intuition is to know how you best receive information. Do you absorb information by seeing it? Then you may want to pay attention to your environment noticing animals and nature. Do you absorb information by hearing it? Then you may be best to use your intuition in deep meditation listening to the words of God come to you or being open to that little voice in your head. Are you a touchy, feeling person who senses things? Then your intuition may best communicate with you through gut instincts in which you just get an overwhelming sense of urgency to do or not do something. It may also communicate with you through pain and illness. These are all just suggestions to start you on your journey to listening to your inner guide, God. We all have this talent. The bible has countless stories of people hearing the word of God. This ability did not disappear 2000 years ago. God still talks to us. We may have just stopped listening as well as people did before cell phones, TVs, radios, and computers existed.


Maybe the wave of the future is a telepathic line directly back to God. Let us all be trendsetters. They say history repeats itself. Let’s get to it.


Voyage to HEAL weekly thoughts

Stretch: Place your pointer finger on the roof of your mouth and your other hand on the top of your head. Envision the space between your fingers. See light connecting them as the area of the brain expands readily to take in all the messages from God.

Exercise: Balance a book on the top of your head for 1 minute. Can you do this while walking or clapping?

Habit change: When you have to make a decision, try using a dowsing pendulum. Check out the videos below for guidance. They are from Crystal Life Technology. She has some wonderful videos on dowsing. Check out her you tube page for more information. 

Perspective enlightenment: Trust your instincts. Know that God is talking to you. How does your inner guide speak to you?

Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL. This blog post is part of the Behind the Veil Voyage that is to come. Keep watching as this next voyage emerges.



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