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Authentic or False Identity

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Have you ever asked yourself who you really are? What is our identity?

I contemplated this question as I was making a list of the things that make me happy as a means to discovering who I truly am. Am I a lover of the outdoors, a lover of the arts, a philosopher who enjoys deep conversations, an incredibly hard worker intent on doing something great in the world, or someone who just wants to have fun? Knowing who you are can decrease suffering through things you do not want to endure. It can lead you down a path of happiness, but what if you love all of these things? How can you be authentic, but constantly change what you like to do and the things you say/believe in?

Let’s look to nature for the answer to this question. What animals are on your totem pole? When I think of my animal totem pole, the fox and coyote are members. These two animals are incredibly adaptable. They live in every environment from the scorching desert to the frozen arctic or the backyard of a subdivision. So who are they really? They are lovers of all types of places and able to make the best of any situation. That in itself is an identity, adaptable.

The key to being authentic is not to assume a false identity based on where you are and who you are with. When you are struggling in the place that you are, you are not in the right place. Maybe you are like the coyote and able to adapt anywhere or maybe you are more like the lizard only able to live in the warmer climates. Just be true to yourself; otherwise, you are assuming a false identity and trying to be who you are not and where you are not meant to be.

Have you ever felt like an outcast? I have. For many, many years of my life, I did not feel like I fit in. I could be friends with anyone and easily blend into any environment, but I never felt like I truly belonged anywhere. I was always happy and had great fun, but something was missing. Something just didn’t feel right. I could sense that there was something greater than I was to become and all these groups that I belonged to would eventually merge to form what I was looking for which was to be part of a whole. I wanted to be the whole, true, authentic me without the need to pretend I was someone greater than I thought I was.

This has taken over 40 years, but I learned to love myself as myself. I could easily blend into any environment, but I still kept my identity. No matter where I am, I love and respect myself. I will not agree with someone I do not agree with. I will not do anything that I do not think is right. I will stick up for what is wrong and brush aside what does not matter. I am a peacebuilder, a healer, not a fighter. I do not have to try and be anything more than I am right now. I can choose to better myself in many ways, but it is far more important to me to find peace in this moment.

So rather than searching for who are you, search for ways to love yourself. Who you will change over time, but the love you have for yourself should remain a constant high.

Be your true, authentic self now and forevermore.

~ your inner guide


Voyage to HEAL Weekly Tasks

Stretch: Let’s open our heart space by stretching the chest and releasing the protective walls around the heart that prohibit us from being our authentic selves. Grab a strap, belt, or scarf in one hand. Place your hands behind your back and grab the other end of the strap with the opposite hand. Stretch your heart forward allowing your shoulders to gently rollback. You may want to combine this stretch with the exercise or just holding it as you repeat the perspective enlightenment.

Exercise: Try this mantra meditation for 11 minutes titled Har Har Mukande. As you say har har Mukande pull your navel in activation your core. You will be amazed at how tired your core muscles will be by the end of this matra. According to meditativeminds.org, this mantra means:

“Har Har Mukanday. Har comes for the word Hari – means God, and also comes for Hara which means the remover. Mukanday refers to the liberating aspect of the self. This mantra liberates one from anything they have boxed themselves into. It removes fear, and gives you the energy to follow your heart.”

Here is the mantra to music:

Habitual Change: Try a new activity this week that moves your body in a way you are not used to. I had a client that was an avid runner. That was all he did and then his body started speaking up. He shifted his workouts to include swimming, yoga, and hiking. Guess what? His body stopped hurting from the repetitive movement of only running.

Perspective Enlightenment: I love and respect myself. God did well with me.

This week’s blog post coincides with week 11 of the Voyage to HEAL living limitless! This is a very powerful meditation allowing you to unwind and be free. I highly recommend listening to the meditation and unwinding.

Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL




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