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Do you have it?

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Self-confidence. With self-confidence, you can do anything. Self-love is another way of saying self-confidence. When you love yourself, you believe in yourself, but how do you get the self-confidence to feel like you can do anything? Why are some people so willing to try while others are scared that they will fail?

I believe this can be a combination of nature and nurture. We are all born with certain personality traits that may have been passed down to us through our DNA. We also mimic the people we are around. If we have confident role models, we will emanate them. We also need encouragement. This is where nurture comes in. When we are praised and encouraged, we aren’t scared. When we are made to feel bad that we are not doing well or trying, we become fearful. Unfortunately, our minds tend to focus more on the negative than the positive. I remember teaching a class for a hundred people and all the reviews were extremely positive except one. I perseverated on that one bad review. I wish our minds didn’t think that way, but it does so we must overcome this by having self-confidence.

This comes down to not giving our power away to the opinions of other people. The power of greatness lies within us. This power to control our thoughts should never be given away to anyone or anything. If we believe in ourselves, even if what we believe may not be the truth, ie: I am a world-renowned pianist the best there ever was, then anything is possible.

In my children’s literature review this week we read the story of The Brave Little Tailor from The Blue Fairy Book by Andrew Lang. The little tailor killed 7 flies, but the whole town thought he killed seven men in one blow. He was so proud of himself that he wrote “7 in one blow” on his belt. The townspeople were so impressed with him. He got swept away with all the praise. This confidence enabled him to outsmart a giant, a king, a unicorn, and a warthog to win the hand of the princess and half the kingdom. He never really did what the people actually thought he did, but he was very clever in getting what was requested of him done. In doing so, the townspeople and the little tailor believed he was amazing! He had self-confidence and with that, he was able to do anything.

So, do you have it? What are you incredibly proud of yourself for being able to accomplish? Write this on a piece of paper and tell everyone about it. For example, did you know that the Voyage to HEAL Inner Peace Workbook is finally available in print form! It’s amazing!!!!!!! Check it out at www.sunshinetherapeutics.com or visit AmazonIf you do purchase the workbook directly from Sunshine Therapeutics, you will receive a personalized message from Jocelyn. 


When you have self-confidence everyone else will have confidence in you too. ~ Your Inner Guide


Voyage to HEAL Weekly Tasks

Stretch: Thread the needle is a great stretch for the shoulders and shoulder blades. We need our wings to let us fly so let’s loosen up the shoulder blades. On all 4s, reach one arm across your chest and slowly lower down onto that shoulder with your head turned in a comfortable position. Enjoy the stretch, breath, and tell yourself that you can do this.

Exercise: Grab a broom handle with both hands. Raise your hands over your head. Now walk to a door frame so the broomstick is resting on the door frame. Slowly pull your arms up and down 10 times with your core engaged.

Habitual Change: Have you ever noticed where your gaze is most of the time? Is it up, down, or straight ahead? Most importantly, do you look at someone while they are talking? Make this a habit. Look someone in the eye. It gives them confidence that you care about what they are saying.

Perspective Enlightenment: I know I can. I was meant to do this no matter what it takes.

Journal Option: What are you incredibly proud of yourself for being able to accomplish? What are 3 emotions that you felt when you accomplished this? You may want to look at the feelings wheel for ideas.

This week’s blog post coincides with week 8: arm releases of the Voyage to HEAL focusing on I am enough. I have also been doing a really wonderful app called In Love While Parenting. It’s free and really great at learning to express your feelings, help others express their feelings, knowing how to handle when someone gets upset (including yourself), and communicating. It fits very well into this week’s task and the Voyage to HEAL.

Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL




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