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Choose to be happy

I am understanding more and more why people say things they don’t mean to say in the heat of the moment. It is a lot more challenging to understand your own emotions and buy something is bothering you so much. As there is conflicts come up I find myself needing to step back and really understand my own emotions before I snap. It would be much easier for me just to speak my mind without any filter then take that time to say things as it would be best received by the other person. This is much like when I am doing my stretches it would be very easy for me just to focus on the area of pain. The most effective method is to listen to the body to find out what is driving that pain. Isn’t this the story of our life. Rather than just putting a bandaid over the pain we need to find out what is driving it and focus our attention on that. As a good friend keeps reminding me we must always choose to be happy and let misery go elsewhere.

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