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Circle of Life Wheel

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The roller-coaster is finally coming to a stop and life is settling down. I have found my new “norm” and peace is beginning to emerge again.

Life has drastically changed in the last 6 months. There is still a lot of change to come, but it feels like for just this moment that we have been given a chance to catch our breath. This is a great time to reflect on the last 6 months or maybe even the last 12 months. How has your life been leading your up to where you are at right now? Where are you right now? How has your life improved?

If you were asked to describe your personal life, home life, and work-life, how would these areas be described? The last 6 months have provided us with an opportunity to discover what is most important to us, cut out what isn’t, and what feeds our soul.

Many years ago, I was introduced to the Circle of Life Wheel. Click here to download an image of the Circle of Life Wheel. There are 12 categories on the wheel and you are to place a dot on each line to indicate the level of satisfaction you have in each area. The closer to the center the dot is the least satisfied you are. This is a great way to see how balanced your life is and where you need to focus more energy.

Once you identify the areas of need, then you make an action plan with realistic goals. I say this because often times we aim too high and struggle to get where we perceive we should be. When our goals are too rigid and too extreme, there is little room for God’s plan to guide you.

For example: On my Circle of Life wheel my education satisfaction is lacking because I haven’t figured out how to give myself time each week to dedicate myself to learning for my professional development.

Extreme Goal: I will give myself 3 hours every week for professional development over the next year.

*This may sound realistic, but if I haven’t even given myself 1 hour at this point, this probably isn’t realistic and I will just feel defeated.

Realistic Goal: I will complete one full-day professional development course in the next 6 months while independently reading 2 professional development books in 6 months.

I feel like I could actually obtain the above goal. Once I obtain it, then I can continue on. The best goals to have are ones that you reach and want to continue on rather than just accomplish and walk away saying what next.

So, pull out your journal or notepad and complete the Circle of Life Wheel. Then write 1 long term goal. Start there. As you accomplish that, continue on and move at a reasonable pace. Never force. If now is not the time to improve an area, just be still and wait to hear the guidance you are needing.

“You learn only that which you choose to learn.”

~ The Master’s Book of Answers by Phillip as told by Diana Rankin, M.A.


Voyage to HEAL Weekly Task


Stretch & Strengthen: Let’s get on all 4s and do cat and cow yoga pose as you breathe in while letting your belly drop and out as your back arches. Set a timer and do this for 1, 2, or 3 minutes. Make sure your core is engaged and start with small movements. If being on all 4s is too much, complete this in a chair sticking your belly out and then rounding your back. Move slowly and deliberately with your core engaged.

*This stretch and exercise is great paired with the hummee hum brum hum chant to get energy flowing and clear your mind as you set goals to improve your quality of life.

Habitual Change: Stop looking at your phone before going to bed or while in bed. I have been doing this lately as I learn all about homeschooling. I realize that my elbows, wrists, and fingers are feeling stiff and achy and I am not sleeping as well because of the light from my phone. I do have the blue light filter on, but laying down and looking at my phone is not helping my body or my sleep. Stop using your phone a minimum of 30 minutes before going to bed.

Perspective Enlightenment: I give myself permission to see what I need to learn to shift my life in the direction of happiness and peace. See your role in the development of your Circle of Life Wheel. How have the choices you made lead you to where you are today?

This week’s blog coincides with week #12 of the Voyage to HEAL Self-Mastery. If you haven’t already signed up for the full Voyage to HEAL, I highly recommend it. Now is the perfect time to feel whole and at peace. Click here to start your Voyage to HEAL.

Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL learning Healthy Everyday Activities for Life.




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