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Voyage To HEAL Lifetime Membership (Online Access)


We all have an innate ability to self-heal. Experience the power you have inside to transition your body and spirit to a peaceful way of being through guided stretches, meditations, exercises, manual lymphatic drainage, and postural corrections in this guided on-line. In addition to the Voyage to HEAL workbook, Inner Guide to Stretching DVD downloads, Voyage to HEAL meditations, Postural Correction Videos, and Pelvic floor and Core exercise series, there is a bonus feature area with monthly videos and tips. You will also get all the latest updates and additions to the workbook and be a part of a community of people on the same Voyage to HEAL through the comments and helpful tips section in each chapter. HEALing can be made simple.

Take a trip through your body, mind, and spirit to a place known as peace of body and peace of mind. Along this voyage, you will traverse the historical waters of your life understanding how you have come to this point. Your body and heart will be your guide explaining what your pain and struggles have been trying to reveal to you. Throughout this journey, you will become more intimate with your eternal guide, God, than you ever have feeling God’s presence with you and in you always.

Come journey to this place called peace.

Life is not a struggle.

Life is a gift and you are the gift giver.

Give this gift to yourself.

Heal the Soul, Heal the Body.

Voyage Itinerary:

Through stretches, meditations, postural corrections, and basic pelvic floor and core activation, you will transcend your body from struggle to ease, from pain to peace. Jocelyn uses her occupational therapy background to treat the cumulative and physical traumas of our everyday habits, weakness, and accidents. She then uses her background in psychology, school of experience, and her faith in God to treat the emotional traumas to heal the soul.

Who should take this voyage:

This voyage is appropriate for anyone over 15 years of age regardless of sex, physical status, nationality, or religious belief. Whether you are recovering from an injury or trying to get healthy to prevent medical issues, this trip is for you.

Come start your Voyage to HEAL learning Healthy Everyday Activities for Life




Voyage To HEAL Lifetime Membership (Online Access)

* This product offers lifetime access to the Voyage to HEAL section of the website for the lifetime of this website. Access is instant after payment, you may have to login first.