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Pelvic Floor & Core Activation Series (Video Download)


These 11 classes will guide you through the steps to activating and using your pelvic floor and core muscles for stability, bladder control, and muscle symmetry. Each class is intended to be completed for one week. By the end of the series, you will know how to engage your core with all activities in sitting, standing, sidelying, on your stomach, and while moving around and lifting items. Say good bye to back pain, neck pain, and arm and leg strain because now your core muscles will be doing to work they were intended to do. This series from the Voyage to HEAL has 11 guided videos and a full PDF handout to follow along with the exercises including written instructions and pictures. This class is intended for the beginner or the person recovering from an injury or illness. The key is form and quality of movement so the body does not need to hold tense in order to be stable. By the end of this series, using your pelvic floor and core will just come naturally to you.

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Pelvic Floor & Core Activation 11 week Series (Video Download)

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