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Inner Guide to Stretching – Pelvic Balancing (Video Downloads)


When in doubt, always start with the pelvis. This is the body’s base of support. When the pelvis is not balanced, the rest of the body follows. Explore several ranges of motion to take the pelvis through in order to release tension and achieve a balanced pelvic alignment.  A pdf handout of this chapter from the Voyage to HEAL is also included in your purchase offering a detailed list of all the stretches along with postural corrections, core exercise, and the meditation that coincides with this area of the body. Pelvic alignment assessments are also included as is a video to become more aware of your alignment.



Inner Guide to Stretching – Balancing the Pelvis (Video Download)

Contains 4 downloadable items:

  1. Postural Alignment Check (Video)
  2. Pelvic Balancing Stretches (Video)
  3. Wellness and Alignment Assessment Handout (PDF)
  4. Voyage to HEAL Pelvic Balancing Chapter (PDF)

* This product is an instant video download which is available immediately after purchase.