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Creating Short Term Goals

So now that we have broken down the long term goals and given those a time line, we can create short term goals simply by adding a measurement. The short term goals should take 1/4 to 1/2 the amount of time that the long term goal will take to achieve. There will always be a subject, action, measurement, and time frame.

For example:

Break Down #1: Find a location

a. I (subject) will find (action) 2 existing locations with buildings that meet the criteria of what I am looking for (measurement) within the next year (time frame).

b. I (subject) will find (action) 2 open locations to build on (measurement of 2) within the next year (time frame)

c. I (subject) will develop a cost estimation (action) for all 4 options (measurement) with in the next 16 months.

The above short term goals are still huge and can obviously be broken down even further, but this is where you may delegate work amongst the team you have formed. So basically, long term goals take more time to achieve and look at the big picture. The short term goals are much more detailed oriented and require less time to achieve.

Think of it like baking a cake.

LTG: I will bake a cake today

STG 1: I will make a list of the supplies needed

STG 2: I will buy the supplies

STG 3: I will mix the ingredients together

STG 4: I will bake the cake as directed

STG 5: I will eat the cake ( :



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