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Breaking down the Long Term Goal

Now that you have a long term goal, take a moment to write down the steps that you need to accomplish your goal. Start from this moment. what is something that you could do right now?

For example: My long term goal is to open a retreat center. Right now, I could:

1. Write out my mission/ what is my intent in opening a retreat center

2. Write what services I want to offer

3. Write down the people I want to include at this time

4. Write down what I want the retreat center to look like

5. Schedule a meeting with my team to begin planning

These type of things make it more tangible and will keep me organized and driven to achieve my long term goal.

Then I can write down what I have to do to make this happen with time line expectations:

1. Find a location (within the next year)

2. Find an architect (within the next 6 months)

3. Talk with the bank (withing the 2 years)

4. Create another business plan for the retreat center (with in the 3 months+)

5. Network with other retreat centers to develop mentors (with in the next 3 months)

6. Look into grants (within the next year)

7. Explore collaborative options with existing centers (within the next year)

Note, these are not goals yet as there is nothing measurable about them. Tomorrow we will turn them into measurable goals.

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