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Date yourself

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A while back I listen to a YouTube video by Reverend TD Jakes. In one of his messages he recommended that we date ourselves. By this he meant that we should get to know ourself better.

Ask yourself questions such as:

What do I really like about myself?

What would I like to change?

What are my fears?

What are my ambitions?

How would I respond in a stressful situation?

How do I show my love?

Or maybe you just make a list of what your most idealistic mate would be like. Once you do this, evaluate why these attributes are so important to you and if they ate really that important.

Then, rather than trying to find a mate that fits your perfect mold, try to mold yourself into that perfect person you would want to date.

So rather than searching for all those things you are Desiring from the outside world bring them to your inside World. Make yourself the person you would want to date. This is the person you would be happy to be.

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