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Love rescue me

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I love this song. It goes perfectly with Deepak Chopra’s quote, “I allow love to come to my aid”.

What is love, though? To some love is being accepted by others, supported, receiving gifts, complimented, or being desired. We can search for love in many places such as in our work, relationships, the things we own, and our physical appearance.

What happens if these things completely disappear? Are we no longer loved? Can love no longer guide us? Of course not!

Love always remains because love is not a thing or something you receive. Love is eternally inside of you always waiting to support, guide, and lift you up. Love dwells inside of you.

YOU ARE LOVE! So act in love. That is your true essence.

My love be your guide on our Voyage to HEAL. Look in the mirror and say I love you. That is speaking the truth.

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