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I see something that isn't there

Today’s exercise coincides with the previous five Lessons bringing more light to the reality of what makes us upset or happy. And lesson 6 when we get upset we say that we are upset because I see something that is not there. 
My interpretation of this lesson is that when I am upset about something I am placing blame on something that is not the cause and my initial gut reaction isn’t what truly is upsetting me. 
I applied this today when I was getting frustrated because my oldest daughter didn’t want to take her nap right away. After a very rough night I was extremely tired and wanted her to go to sleep so that I could rest. I had to stop and think before I got upset with her that it is not her fault she wasn’t complying with my time line and rather just listening to her body. I wasn’t really angry at her I was more exhausted and frustrated at myself 4 nut sleeping well. Which in the big picture of it is rather ridiculous. Once I reminded myself of that using the previous exercises things lighten up significantly and then she went to sleep and so did I.
So once again I will continue to remind myself when I get upset it is because I am seeing things that are not there. I will stop fabricating drama that promotes a negative mood.

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