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Reasons to be upset.

Today’s exercise challenges is to say, “I am never upset for the reason I think”. So if something is bothering you, you would say “I am not angry at ______ for the reason I think.”
I find this to be so very true. So often I’ll be getting upset about the littlest thing and there really is a bigger underlying picture of why it is upsetting me. For example if there is a morning that I feel I have so much to get done and my kids are not cooperating with getting ready and leaving the house I can find myself getting very agitated. It’s not that the kids are being bad it’s just that I have put pressure on myself to get things done and I am feeling overwhelmed.
So this exercise is to show that the emotion I’ve attached to being upset isn’t real nowhere is it out more significant than any other emotion I have. Everything is the same and nothing is greater or lesser than something else. 
I feel like I should challenge this to even the positive emotions that I feel. This will help me to understand myself better and be able to express my needs and feelings. What really does make me happy or upset. Boy would that make my husband’s life a lot easier. 😁
So there is today’s challenge. I am never upset for the reason I think.

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