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Clearing the mind

Today’s exercise challenges us to clear our minds by saying these thoughts do not mean anything. they are like the things in this space. Meaningless.
Once again this is to allow us to get deeper into really listening. As they explained even good thoughts are like Shadows of what lies Beyond and bad thoughts are complete blocks to what lies beyond. Both of these will cloud our vision. I remember a counselor once telling me to ask myself what benefit is it for me to think that. This was in relation to having been thrown off a horse and I was upset with myself for not being a better writer. When she said this it made so much sense to me as to why it isn’t helpful to beat myself up. It did not make the situation any better nor did it make me feel better. So I can understand this from the harmful thoughts.
Looking at it in terms of the positive thoughts I can see how our own opinions can definitely get in the way of truly understanding a situation and using our intuitive sense. In the myofascial release healing Technique, we are taught to detach from the outcome. This is because we can get so focused on the symptoms that we missed the true cause of pain and illnesses.
Once again this should be very random and not over-analyzed or edited. As the book says this is the way to separate the meaningless from the meaningful now in our own thoughts and not just in our Visual and physical environment.

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