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Pillow Roll for when it snows

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It’s snowing and a lot of people won’t want to get out of bed. So, try this pillow roll stretch. I discovered this on a day that I didn’t want to get out of bed, but wanted to stretch.

Step 1: Laying on your back, place the pillow under your lower back. If it’s tolerable, reach your arms overhead. If it’s not, bend your knees
Step 2: Roll over onto your left side keeping the pillow by your waist. Extend the top right leg out straight and move it around to find a great hip stretch
Step 3: Roll over onto your stomach keeping the pillow under your stomach
Step 4: Repeat step 2 only this time on the right side

As you do this, breath and say I let go of this tension. Enjoy and have fun! Now, go play in the snow! It’s a great way to exercise before you sit back and enjoy a warm cup of tea while soaking in the stillness and peacefulness of freshly fallen snow.

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