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The Universe has a sense of humor

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I don’t believe in coincidences. Everything truly is mapped out though we have the ability to change courses, but there are so many “ironic” things that happen. When they do, we stop to think “Ok that was odd. What’s the message here?’. So here’s an example of how the universe has a sense of humor.

I have a fish tank. It’s green. I’ve tried so many things to make it not green, but still it remains green. My husband has provided several suggestions that I have followed, but his latest comment was just to inform me that the tank smelt and something needed to be done. I then heard him tell our daughter that we are getting rid of the tank because Nobody is taking care of it. Yep, this didn’t make me happy because someone, me, had been cleaning the tank until recently when that someone because nobody. So I said, I guess I’m “nobody”. That’s my new name, Nobody.

That evening, I picked up the book I am ready called Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza. The very first page I read said that in order to reach that higher level of consciousness to manifest your own destiny you must detach from everything and essentially become, yes, you know what I’m going to say, you must become Nobody. ( :

So my new approach to the fish tank is to manifest that it will be clear or someone will just take it away. I probably need to choose what I want and in that is how you can manifest your future. If I completely cleaned the slate, detached from being me, what would I want to be? Where would I want to be and on and on. When our vision is clear, we can stop living in the past of being somebody. Then our body will let go of previous hurts that have turned into unconscious holding patterns that we have made someone’s reality.

As you are doing your myofascial release stretches this morning, remember the eye element of effectively completing the stretch. “I let go”. Become Nobody

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