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Voyage To HEAL Weekend Excursion (Local Live Class)
Voyage To HEAL Weekend Excursion (Local Live Class)

We all have an innate ability to self-heal. Experience the power you have inside to transition your body and spirit to a peaceful way of being through guided stretches, meditations, exercises, and postural corrections on this intense weekend. Review all that is covered during the weekend through the online lifetime membership to the online Voyage to HEAL. You will also receive the Voyage to HEAL workbook, Inner Guide to Stretching DVD downloads, Voyage to HEAL meditations, and Pelvic Floor and Core exercise series. There is a bonus feature with instructions on manual lymphatic drainage to decrease swelling and boost the immune system in the online Voyage to HEAL. You will also get all the latest updates and additions to the workbook and be a part of a community of people on the same Voyage to HEAL through the comments and helpful tips section in each chapter. HEALing can be made simple. Come start your online Voyage to HEAL by learning Healthy Everyday Activities for Life.

Each hour we will address a different area of the body and what that area communicates to us. As we complete one stretch for this area, you will listen to a guided meditation to release any negativity stored in this area of the body. Then there will be time to meditate and journal on what your body and inner guide have been trying to tell you. Get the answers to why is this happening to me. What do I need to do to fix this? What am I missing? In stillness and silence, the answers are revealed.

*Light snacks will be provided so please bring any additional food that you would like to eat.

*You will need to bring 2 pillows, a large beach towel, 2 hand towels, 1 washcloth, a journal and writing utensils, and anything else to keep yourself comfortable. If you have a foam roller or any other self-treatment tool, please bring that as well.

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Kinesiotaping Made Easy (video download)
Kinesiotaping Made Easy (video download)

Kinesiotaping is highly effect if applied correctly. This 1+ hour video and handout will take you through the steps to choosing and applying kinesiotape to get the maximum benefit for pain relief, muscle strengthening, support, and reduction in swelling. This was videotaped from the live class taught by Jocelyn in October of 2018. I highly suggest having a roll of kinesiotape and a pair of scissors available to practice the taping techniques while watching the video. If you are doing this, make sure the area you are taping is clean and does not have lotion applied to the skin.

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Ear, Mouth, and Throat Release Class (video download)
Ear, Mouth, and Throat Release Class (video download)

The ear, mouth and throat are all communication devices for our body. Giving and receiving information and most importantly, interpreting what we hear and see. The truth of the words we hear and say aren’t always seen and then our mind gets filled with the lies that we are not good enough. It’s my fault and so many other lies about ourselves that just aren’t true. We hold this hurt and anger inside of us and our ears, mouth, and throat begin to tighten up or shut down to let us know that something is not right. Our soul is suffering. Ailments and pain are our body’s way of communicating with us that something is out of balance. When we listen and shift these unconscious holding patterns in these areas, you’ll see a decrease of symptoms such as:

  • Hypo and Hyperthyroidism
  • TMJ and teeth grinding
  • Tension headaches
  • Tinnitus

These areas are associated with the throat chakra which focuses on communication and being true to yourself and others. Come on a Voyage to HEAL finding freedom in self-expression and hearing the truth. Watch and participate in this 75 minute video complete with a handout to guide you along. God speed on your Voyage to HEAL.

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