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Wow! Here’s a powerful level to feel prestige and that you have accomplished something great. Maslov’s 4th hierarchy of needs focuses on self-esteem, respect, status, and recognition. This is the I did it and the world notices stage. Yes, I know that the ultimate goal is internal recognition and happiness coming from the inside, but it sure does help when those around us notice all that we have done. If I bust my butt cleaning the house, running errands, and getting the kids what they need, it sure does fuel my engineer to get a heartfelt thank you every now and then. We all need that or we don’t feel that our work is being appreciated.

When you have done something great you get two rewards of a personal and societal sense of accomplishment. First, you have to have a personal sense of accomplishment only then can you accept praise for your good work. So be proud of what you have done or the praise will just fall on deaf ears. Have you ever tried to compliment someone on their appearance and they brush it off? Then you get what I mean. There is a need for internal satisfaction in order for the external praise to really have an effect. If you are in the reverse that you seek the external approval first in order to have internal gratification, see if you can reverse that. It’s amazing how this shift takes power away from the need for external praise to feel good about yourself. No person or thing should ever be given the power to control your emotions.

How do you let the outside world control you? How can you change this?

“I know that I am a strong, contributing force to myself and the world around me. ~ your inner guide

Voyage to HEAL Weekly Focus

Stretch: We are going into the heart zone. Take a rolled-up blanket, towel, or foam roller and place it along the spine while laying on your back. Let your arms open wide as you think of how proud you are of yourself.

Exercise: Engage your core

Habitual Pattern to Change: Engage your core as you lift anything from a dish, to a laundry basket, to groceries, to heavy boxes. Use your core religiously! Here’s a link to the ergonomic mommy post on how to lift something heavy. Click here

Perspective Enlightenment: Feel pride in what you do and then seek recognition. Most importantly, don’t get upset if the praise is criticism. There are learning opportunities in everything. You may learn something very important about the person giving the criticism. Take it at that and move forward.

This chapter correlates with Chapter 8 of the Voyage to HEAL: I am Enough

God Speed on your Voyage to HEAL

Love, Jocelyn

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