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Lifting heavy objects

My husband and I took on the task of putting in a set of monkey bars for our daughter. This required a lot of

Thinking, thinking, thinking to make sure it was just right. Note leaning against the slide to rest while thinking. My husband was using good ergonomics for energy conservation.

Some digging. Now here my husband could bend his knees a bit more to make this easier on his back, but he is at least holding the rhino tool close the blade so it is easier to use. This is a fabulous tool to dig, smooth, and level an area. I highly recommend for projects like this and making trails.

I, of course, was the hard labor since my husband hurt himself. So I had to lift a heavy bag of rocks. I made sure to use good body mechanics, bending my knees, resting the bag on my thighs, and then standing up using my legs. Here’s how I did it.

A couple of years ago I got tired as I was doing some gardening and I dropped some landscaping stones down rather than setting them down gently. I paid dearly for this. That is why I share this with you know so that you don’t get hurt and you can keep doing the things that you love.

The end result?

A happy child! So worth it.

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