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Slowing down

I realize that I may be reading this book too fast and need to slow down and reflect on each line. That being said, what I am reading at this moment is about how opposites cancel each other out. For example, darkness is the lack of light. You cannot have darkness and light at the same time. You can’t move fast and move slow at the same time. Just as I can’t perceive what I need to see if my eyes are closed. If they are only patially open, I will only see what I want to see, the view will be distorted and false. So, I either get the full picture or nothing at all. I guess it’s like going to a movie and covering your eyes during the scary parts. You may miss something you needed to see to make the rest of the movie make sense. 
So if I rush through reading the course, I’ll only see and reflect on what I want rather than what I need.  Therefore, I’m going to start at the beginning with my eyes fully open to see the light.

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