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Game plan

For those of you who are going to be virtually following along I wanted to keep you updated on the present outline for the miracle group. 
We will be reading a chapter each week of Alan Cohen’s A Course in Miracles made easy. We will also be following the daily workbook lessons.
So here is a synopsis of the first lesson in the workbook. It challenges us to look at everything and say that it does not mean anything. For example, you look at your dresser and say that does not mean anything. You look at a body and say that does not mean anything because it is the soul that matters not the physical body. Look at things up close and far away and say that they do not mean anything. 
The intent of this exercise, as we came to conclusion in our group today, was to emphasize how we really are all that we need. It focuses on breaking down those special relationships of things we feel we need in order to survive. Beyond food and water we really are all that we need. This is an exercise in developing its self worth and appreciation. In the group we even the focused on it saying this about the labels we have for herself. For instance I am an occupational therapist but that is just a label it is not who I am. All those credentials after your name do not mean anything because even without those labels you are still you. So whether you have professional labels or nicknames or diagnosis you are still you. They do not mean anything. Whether you have a big house or a small house or an expensive car or a useful car it does not need anything. Lowe’s material objects do not make you who you are.
I found that as I did this and I kept focusing on it throughout the day it made more and more sense.

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