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The Complexity of life

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Do I complex life?

Is life really complex or is it really simple and we make it complex? I thought of this on my drive to the vet. When I got into the vet there was a man with the sweetest, most peaceful dog I have ever seen. I actually hugged the dog because it was that friendly and inviting. The best part: the owner was wearing a life is good t-shirt that read “Keep it simple”. There are no coincidences in this world. There was my answer.


Life can really be a burden filled with to do’s. It can be really complex as we search for all the answers to our why. Nature is very complex and we are constantly researching to figure out how nature works. Here’s the beauty of nature. It doesn’t think about how it works or it’s complexity. It just follows it’s path according to the seasons. Nature in all of it’s complexity, is rather simple. Go with the flow. The human life can also be really easy as we allow ourselves to go with the flow and let our to do’s get done as we are able and at the right time. Force should never be an option. When we are forcing something to happen or someone to do something, there is resistance and hardship, much like the force of a hurricane or a tornado. A Course in Miracles teaches that it is not God’s plan that makes life hard, but human’s resistance to his plan.


So this week, get out of your way. Let things unfold. Let go of fear. Let go of unneeded pressures. Let go of living in lack. Let go of whatever is getting in your way of keeping life simple.

Here’s a wonderful meditation to listen to while completing this week’s stretches focused on trunk rotation, allowing us to see both sides of life; the complex and the simple.


Voyage to HEAL Weekly Thought

Stretch: Trunk rotation in sitting and laying down. Rotate in the direction easiest first. Put on some music that matches your mood and hold this direction the entire length of the song while thinking “I can see all around me. I can see all sides and this can be and is easy”.

Exercise: Hold your arms out in front of you while seated in a chair and rotate to the left feeling a stopping power from rotating as far as possible. Then return to center and rotate the other direction. Go each way 6-8x with the pelvic floor and the core muscles activated.


Habitual Change: Change how you sit on the couch and watch tv, read or converse. Eat your meals at a different place at the table. Shift your habits to see the world from different perspectives. Hug heart to heart which is the opposite of how you would shake hands. 


Perspective Enlightenment: Life can be easy. Find ways to simplify. In the places that you are having most difficulty simplifying, write down the question, “Why am I making this complex?” “How can I make this simple?” Let the words of God guide your way to making this simple.

Louise Hay always has some great words of advise. Here’s what she has to say about back pain.



Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL



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