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The intent was good, but the output was poor

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So this theme has been coming up several times for me over the last couple weeks. I have heard clients talk about medical procedures in which they felt that they were treated more like a piece of meat than a human. I have heard from clients talking about how a loved one won’t take their medicine, won’t exercise, won’t eat right, won’t go to the doctor, and they get really frustrated and angry because they won’t listen to them.
In both cases the intent was good. The intent was to help. The intent was to make them feel better. Unfortunately, the output was not delivered with love.
Often times we misrepresent our emotions of love and concern with a more fear and stressed based response. When receiving a medical procedure, the medical professional has your best intent in mind. They want to be focused, effective, and keep you alive. Sometimes this means that they forget their bedside manner that they are working on a human who has a soul. Their intent is still there to be good and save your life and help you.
The same applies to a family member that you may perceive as being angry or pushy or upset with you because they care about you. If they didn’t care about you they wouldn’t get upset when your well-being is at stake. What they meant to show was their love and their concern and compassion for you.
There are times that people forget that everybody has a choice. We have a choice to take advice or decline it. We have a choice to make our own decisions. When it comes to caring for a family member or friend, our role is to love them. Our role is not to condemn them for not taking care of themselves or for not listening to our advice. We will do more for them by just loving them and supporting their decisions than condemning them and getting upset with them.
So before you get upset in a situation whether it be in an act toward you or your feelings towards someone else, stop and remember what is your intent. Your intent is always to love. Let love, not fear be your Guide.

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