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Healing is a shift in perception

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I just had this epiphany of what it takes to HEAL. Change your perception and you will HEAL.
Now this isn’t referring to broken bones or wounds. This is referring to the emotional hurts and illnesses we experience.
I had a flashback to a time when my thyroid was hyperactive. Over the course of two years I changed so much about my life and how much I pushed myself and this truly put my body at rest so I could heal. The same came with the death of my father. It took time for me to view it differently and as the years passed my perception on his passing shifted and it no longer hurt as much and I was able to talk about him without crying. Both of these event came about as my perception shifted.
As I treat a client more than just realigning the body and softening the tissue I am working on changing the person’s perception so their body no longer holds tight in a protective state. My hope is to guide them to a state in which their body is at peace with the events that have happened in their life.
Consider this as you may be going through your own pain and illness. As you do any stretches begin to really listen to your body and think of the things that are upsetting to you and see if you can shift your perception to a more loving, understanding and compassionate light for yourself and those involved in any event, process, or procedure.
God speed on your Voyage to HEAL

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