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This Moment

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This moment will be gone in a second.

My family and I just spent a wonderful weekend together in Cave city, KY. My girls love Dinosaur World which is a must for anyone with kids that love dinosaurs. It’s so exciting for them to learn about and pretend to be dinosaurs. We also visited Mammoth Cave and learned about carbonic acid giving the earth a cavity like soda does our teeth which fascinated my girls. What a brilliant way to describe how a cave is formed by carbonated water dissolving limestone. We also got time to splash in the pool as my 5 year old practiced swimming. We conversed and worked on sentence formation and letter sounds with my 3 year old to help get her speech clear. Best of all, we got to have family nap time! All the attention I want to give my girls at home, I got to give them this weekend.

They got my 100%, undivided attention. I didn’t really check my cell phone. I didn’t run errands. I didn’t think about house chores or yard work. I just focused on loving the family time I was getting and giving. I had more of a sense of accomplishment and pride in what I did this weekend than I do rushing around getting a million things done.

So this brings me to what did I learn about myself. Though I am a “doer”, meaning I like to get things done because of my belief system that you finish your chores before playing, I actually value quality time with others as much or maybe more than getting things done. There would be a lifestyle change for me to not constantly be using every second I have to get something done in which I limit the time I give myself to play.

Work and the “to dos” always seem to get in the way. This past weekend I accomplished so much with my girls that I wouldn’t have gotten had I been folding laundry at home. Life is a process of knowing ourselves and what is for our benefit. One of my favorite Wayne Dyer quotes is “Do what helps, not what hurts.”

Life isn’t supposed to be a struggle or full of drama. That is a choice we make based on our perception of reality, our reaction to circumstances, and our values and beliefs.

Multitasking and rushing around robs us of the present of the here and now. We miss the opportunities that will bring us joy. It’s like a stroll through the woods verses a race. Have you ever stopped and sat on a park bench to watch all that is around you? Do you see a store you want to stop at and actually stop? I’m guilty of not doing this, but all it takes is awareness to make a shift

This moment will be over in a second. Make it value to you.

This week’s focus:

Stretch: finger extensions: Gently pull back each finger individually with a back a up movement. Never force!

Exercise: ring out a washcloth 10x. Go the opposite way with your hands. So if the right hand normally rings out forward and the left back, go the opposite way 5x. This challenges your brain to make new pathways.

Postal Correction: cross you hands. Now reverse your thumbs. So if the right is normally over the left, place the left over the right.

Perspective Enlightenment: Answer at least one of the questions below. You may want to visit chapter 4 of the Voyage to HEAL to evaluate your defeating vows. Then say to yours, “I give myself permission to make this moment bring me joy”.

Have you ever written out what is your perception of reality?

What is your typical reaction to events?

What do you value? 

If you could do anything without any consequences, what would you do? (Here is a question to let you know what you are depriving yourself of!)

God Speed on your Voyage to HEAL

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