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Are we connected

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We all really are connected. Even the elements inside of us and nature are connected. Why does this matter?

Let’s start at the “we are all made of the same elements” part. This year, I have had the amazing opportunity to teach my children kindergarten and first grade. We have all learned so much! I feel like the pieces of a gigantic puzzle that started 45 billion years ago were put together for me.

It began last fall when I was teaching my first grader about the weather. We discussed the water cycle of evaporation and precipitation. The fascinating aspect was how easily water is moved not only in its liquid form but also in the vapor form via clouds moving around the world via the wind. We could be getting water from Africa and Russia and even Antarctica! Even the air we breathe can come from all over the world. I just had never thought of the vastness of how environmentally connected we are. Remember last year when sand storms from the Sahara Desert blew all the way across the Atlantic to the east coast and Midwest U.S.? Wow!

These past few months, we have been studying outer space, what the earth is made of, and rocks. The space unit started with “We Are Star Dust”. I had heard this concept but never delved into it. The theory is that in the very beginning helium and hydrogen atoms join together and then exploded. These particles transformed into the planets along with several other elements. Did you know that there are iron, copper, calcium, zinc, and many more particles in outer space? All of these particles created the planets. The earth formed 45 billion years ago initially of water, is made up of the same particles that are found in our human body, which is also made of water! Remember what I had just mentioned about the movement of water on the earth and now here I am understanding that we are made of the earth’s minerals too! It’s just mind-blowing when you think of how closely connected we are. God put a lot of thought into the creation of the earth. It took a long time to get to where we are now in this human form.

From dinosaurs who roamed the earth for 165 million years, to the ice age 2.4 million years ago that lasted until 11, 500 years ago, and humans who are suspected to have been around for the last 5-7 million years or 300,000 years depending on your source, the earth has always been and always will evolve and adapt to new formations. It is constantly going to heat up and cool down, shake and shift to form new lands through natural events and then weathering and erosion, and something new will come of it.

So why does all of this matter? I bring this up for two very important reasons.

1) Taking care of the earth and outer space is very much like taking care of yourself since we are one with nature.

2) Everything you do makes an impact not only on the environment but those around you and those to come all the way down to the cellular level. Never underestimate the power you have in this world. What happened 45 billion years ago is still affecting us today. What will your impact be 45 billion years from now?


When you see the world and its contents as one, then you truly see the amazing work of God.

Love it all: Everyone and Everything.

~ Your Inner Guide


Voyage to HEAL Weekly Task

Stretch: Just like the connection between the universe and our body, so is our body completely connected from head to toe. So, grab your releaser ball and find a tight spot. Lay on the ball on your bed or the floor. Lean against the ball against the wall or sitting in a chair. Melt your body around the ball. As you let go, feel the connection of this one spot to the rest of your body. What is pulling on this one tight spot or what is that one tight spot pulling on? Feel the connection and let your body guide you as to what needs to be stretched next. Feel the connection.


Exercise: If you are able, lay on your stomach, extend your arms along your side. Engage your pelvic floor and core muscles. Lift the right leg and left arm 6-8 times. Repeat on the opposite side. You can also do this in standing, but hold on to a support as needed. This reciprocal, diagonal, is how we move.

Habitual Change: As you walk, do you swing both arms equally or even at all? Some people are very rigid or guarded when they walk and may not even know it. Feel how your body is working as a whole while you walk. Let your arms swing smoothly and evenly. If they do not, feel where you need to stretch and let go to allow them to swing softly and equally.

Perspective enlightenment: I am one with everything. I shall love everything and recognize my impact in this world is great.

Journaling option: What happened 45 billion years ago is still affecting us today. What will your impact be 45 billion years from now?


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Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL








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