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Billions of years old

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So we definitely are all connected and what we do now will last for billions of years to come. This not only pertains to the environment but also how we treat each other. Our DNA will transfer the experiences that we have on to our children. We are comprised of the DNA of our ancestors! All the memories and some of their traits that were stored in their DNA are also stored in ours! That is just mind-blowing to me. If you consider that, then you are hundreds of years, maybe even thousands or millions of years old, and were really are all one as we all started from the same DNA that has just kept dividing! Now consider this. We are made of stardust. Everything that is in outer space and that lives on this planet has the same elements in them that started from hydrogen and helium atoms joining and bursting. So you are actually billions of years old and look at how great you are doing for being so old. I guess the saying is true, good things come with time.

God has taken a very long time to create humans. We have been created from everything before because God wanted us to be perfect and to keep getting better and better as time went on. I promise you, we are getting better and better as time goes on. Humans once lived just to survive animal and human attacks and not starve or freeze to death. Mankind has evolved to seeking a more joyous, fun life filled with love. Relationships between parents and children, animals and human, and even plants and humans is more of a companionship and enjoyment than just a working relationship. This is the age of Aquarius that focuses on the spiritual form. Our focus is on seeing the beauty in everything that God has created. See the connections, feel love, and know-how perfectly you and everyone were made and how perfectly everything in our life is orchestrated.

Most important for today’s message, see how perfectly you were made. Remember that good things come with age and you are old! But you have aged perfectly.


Change nothing of who you are for God has worked very hard to make you, you.

~ Your Inner Guide


Weekly Voyage to HEAL Tasks

Stretch: Let’s smile because you are glad to be you. As you do this, rub your checks and then find those pterygoid muscles that connect the jaw and the skull located by the ears. Gently massage those, soften your face, and sink your fingers into this tender area.

Exercise: Let’s do bridges as we see and feel how we are a bridge to the past and the future. Lay on your back, bend your knees, activate your core, and lift your button-up. Squeeze those glutes. Raise to the count of 3, hold 3 seconds, and lower to the count of 3. Try this at least 6 times. If the back of your thighs, the hamstrings, start to cramp, wrap a strap around your ankles and pull back as in the picture below. This will decrease the work of the hamstrings.

Habitual Change: Smile A Lot! You have a beautiful smile that has been perfected over many. Many years. Show it off. In fact, show yourself off and all your magnificence.

Perspective Enlightenment: I have been made perfectly. 

Journal Option: Make a list of your favorite relatives and what you really admired about both their physical and personality traits. Now make a list of all of your favorite traits. How are you similar to them? Do this with as many relatives as you would like and see the connection.

This week’s post directly corresponds with week 8: Arm Releases/ I am Enough. You can purchase this chapter or just the meditation in the store by clicking here. I highly suggest starting the entire Voyage to HEAL journey. Remember our connection. As you heal, so does everyone else around you. It’s true. I see it happen all the time. You can heal yourself, your family, your friends, and even the world. You are powerful. What you do will last for billions of years to come so get started on taking care of yourself and make this world an even better place. Click here to start your Voyage to HEAL.


Godspeed on your Voyage to HEAL





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