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Breaking the Cycle

We have all heard the expression that someday we will be our parents for better or worse. It is true, unless we break
the cycle, history will repeate itself not only in our behaviours, but also in our postures and our health.
My mother says that she has bunions because her mother had bunions and all her aunts did. Why would something like bunions be passed down? They have all mimicked how each other sat, stood and moved. In Mary Sinclair’s balance workshop, she showed pictures of mothers and their young children all standing and walking the same way!
We are made of the same DNA of our parents, grandparents, and so on. There is a lot of history in our bodies that have shaped our every moment and the way we think and how our organs function. It’s amazing how much gets passed along until someone breaks the cycle.
Look at your family photos and note the similarities. Identify the commonalities in your family that you wish to carry on. Keep those, grow those, talk about those. Find the positive qualities such as always supporting each other, staying physically active, eating your veggies. Work hard to carry those on while breaking the cycle of negative behaviours such as drinking, slouching, over eating, yelling, criticizing, prejudices, stressing out. Be the one to break the cycle. It’s not an easy task to do to change hundreds of years of history, but isn’t it worth it for yourself and generations to come.

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